Zachary Thompson Leads Charge Against Scammers with CEASE Initiative

Clay County Prosecuting Attorney, Zachary Thompson addresses the Excelsior Springs Rotary Club (photo Courtney Cole).

July 27, 2023 – In a bid to protect the community from scams and exploitation, Clay County Prosecuting Attorney, Zachary Thompson, visited the local Rotary Club in Excelsior Springs and delivered a powerful lecture on combatting fraudulent activities through the CEASE Initiative. CEASE stands for “Citizen Education Against Scams and Exploitation,” and it is a proactive law enforcement tool aimed at stopping scammers before they can victimize innocent individuals.

The CEASE Initiative relies on education and early notification to equip citizens with vital information, empowering them to avoid falling prey to scams. Thompson emphasized the importance of reporting scams promptly to CEASE, enabling law enforcement to identify potential scammers and issue timely warnings to the public. The Prosecutor’s Office is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring that crucial information reaches citizens, thereby protecting them and the wider community.

With fraud on the rise, leading to estimated financial losses of up to $16 billion per year, staying vigilant is paramount. During the lecture, Thompson provided warning signs that could indicate a person is being targeted by scammers, including unusual changes in bank accounts, alterations in appearance, social isolation, unpaid bills, and a buildup of magazine subscriptions.

Thompson urged citizens to stay informed about the latest scams targeting their area by engaging with the “Clay County Prosecutor CEASE Initiative” Facebook page, subscribing to scam alerts via, or calling 816-736-8300. Being up-to-date with the latest developments can safeguard individuals and their loved ones from falling victim to scams.

Citizen education also plays a crucial role in fraud prevention. Thompson encouraged community organizations and groups to invite the CEASE Coordinator, a knowledgeable Clay County Assistant Prosecutor experienced in handling fraud cases. The coordinator can provide valuable insights into prevalent scams and equip individuals with effective strategies to protect themselves.

The lecture provided essential tips to steer clear of scams, including being cautious of unsolicited offers, safeguarding personal information such as credit card numbers and social security numbers, and not succumbing to pressure when making decisions. Many times fraudulent offers encourage quick spending without thoughtful consideration. Thompson advised consulting someone trustworthy when faced with significant financial choices.

As the Clay County Prosecuting Attorney, Zachary Thompson remains steadfast in his commitment to community safety. He encouraged citizens to promptly report any suspicious activities or potential scams to the Clay County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 11 South Water Street, Liberty, Missouri 64068. Alternatively, individuals can call 816-736-8300 or email

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