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Wild Bunch Car Show Leaves Attendees Yearning for More

(photos Courtney Cole)

Wild Bunch Craft Mall in Excelsior Springs became a hub of automotive excitement as it played host to a thrilling “Fast and Furious” car show that drew in more than 80 participants. Enthusiasts from far and wide converged at the event, showcasing their prized automobiles and engaging in a day filled with horsepower, camaraderie, and entertainment.

The event, organized by Wild Bunch owner, Tina Barton took place on a sunny Sunday, attracting a diverse range of classic, exotic, and modified vehicles. From sleek sports cars to vintage muscle machines, the car show provided a visual feast for all attendees.

Dustin and Tara Fizer (Fizer’s Garage) with their son enjoying the show

Food vendors tantalized attendees’ taste buds with an array of delicious offerings. Hungry car enthusiasts indulged in BBQ and Kettle Corn, ensuring that both their eyes and stomachs were satisfied throughout the day.

Ashley Bellemore and family were on hand serving up kettle corn

Adding an extra touch of excitement to the festivities, the Northland Photography Club of Kansas City joined the car show, bringing their passion for photography to the forefront. Dressed in colorful costumes, members of the photography club moved among the participants, capturing stunning images that perfectly captured the essence of “fast and furious” vehicles.

Participants reveled in the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere. From meticulously restored classics to high-performance modern speedsters, every car exuded an air of power and excitement, leaving attendees in awe.

“The turnout exceeded our expectations,” Tina Barton said. “We were thrilled to see so many people come together to celebrate their shared love for automobiles.” The expansive Wild Bunch parking lot provided a fantastic venue, and Barton said the enthusiastic response from participants and visitors was truly heartwarming.

Participants and spectators departed with cherished memories and the anticipation of more exhilarating events to come. The success of the car show has undoubtedly set the stage for future events.

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