Hall of Waters

Waterfest a Wash as Floods Sweep Through Downtown

By 7:00am texts were coming in from city leadership reporting flooding of Piburn Ballfield, the Hall of Waters, police station, and The Elms Hotel & Spa. With reports of 6+ inches of rain in a 12 hour period of time, along with flooding from the north feeding into the Fishing River, the downtown was overtaken with flood waters. With road closures surrounding the City, including 69 Highway and 92 Highway, citizens weren’t able to get out of the city to go to work. Many reported having their basements flooded and many vehicles were lost when floodwater took over the Oaks Apartments downtown.

News crews had already begun reporting Thursday night about the possibility of severe weather predicted for the community. They had just covered a massive power outage and storm damage here two weeks ago.

Chief Maddick
Fire Chief Joe Maddick is interviewed by Bianca Beltran of KMBC Channel 9 News

Citizens shared video and pictures from their point of view, reporting what was happening all over town.

Police Chief Clint Reno and Fire Chief Joe Maddick survey the floodwaters downtown behind the police station.

The levee was close to being breeched and Fire Chief Maddick worked quick to organize sandbags to be filled in case they were needed.

The Hitch Lot
East Valley Park underwater

There were several people that had to be rescued from their vehicles being swept away in the water. Please, never drive through water. You risk your life and those who will try to save you.

The Elms Hotel and Spa had flooding in their basement, filling the area of the lap pool downstairs. There was also damage done to the spa. Luckily, employees were able to move their cars in time. Dumpsters and even a shipping container were carried by waters downstream, destroying the garden area behind the hotel.

Our flood footage even ended up on Good Morning America, to show the nation what we’ve had to endure.

But after every storm, there is a rainbow and one was bestowed on our town that evening, giving us hope as we move forward.

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