Tiger Bowl Hosts Heart of America Junior Classic

On Saturday, October 16th Forty-seven bowlers and their families traveled from as far away as Nebraska, St. Louis, Springfield, and Wichita to participate in the Heart of America Junior Classic bowling tournament hosted by our very own Tiger Bowl. Owner, Jerry Ferrel, seemed pleased with the turnout of youth bowlers. Ferrel estimated that the event brought more than 150 visitors to our community from outside the area. The Heart of America Tournament director, Drew Knudson, praised the tournament and Tiger Bowl for the event. A competitive bowler himself, Ferrel knows what it takes to run a successful tournament. Ferrel expects the tournament to become an annual event and looks forward to providing area youth with a fun activity that will also allow them to earn scholarship dollars and build lasting relationships. “Everything we do is for these kids,” said Ferrel, “They are the future of the sport, without them there wouldn’t be any bowling.”

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