Cornerstone Elementary (photo Courtney Cole).

Thanks to the community of Excelsior Springs, Cornerstone Elementary, located on the corner of Wornall and Lodwick was opened in the Fall of 2021. It was quite a sight to see as the years of planning and preparation by the school district and patrons were finally coming together.

The students and community were full of excitement and anticipation just waiting for those school doors to open. Teachers and staff were equally excited at the opportunity to make this school their own. Cornerstone was a blank slate ready for them to make it a great place for kids.  Whether it was a new classroom or office space, the sky was the limit and the staff were up for the challenge.  

Additionally, there were many parents and community members asking what they could do to help us open this new school. A revived sense of pride had emerged as this new facility brought so many together for our most important resource- our kids.

There was wonder and amazement when students and families were finally able to enter the building. Lots of natural light, the smell of new paint, awesome classrooms, and tons of smiles.

Students could not believe that such a place was built for them to grow and learn. And though the pandemic spoiled some of the celebrations of our opening year, year two is beginning to bring back many of the things that celebrate being a school- especially a new school.

Book Fairs, recess with friends, PTO meetings, parents eating lunch with their kids, class parties, school assemblies, and many more things are starting to unfold. We are slowly bringing back a sense of normalcy that has been good for the soul. 

With the help of our students, staff, and parents, Cornerstone is starting to create those new traditions that come with building a new school community. Has it been a lot of work? Absolutely! But it has totally been worth it! Though we have had some struggles along the way, we are continuing to grow and learn in this new facility.  We can’t wait to see the many great things that will emerge as this school and its community continue to grow.

A huge thank you for the work done by this community, school district, and staff in making Cornerstone a great place for kids. The smiles of our kids as well as the great things happening here each day are all the proof that one might need…

– Brian Sloan, Principal of Cornerstone Elementary School

*This article was submitted to the Excelsior Citizen by our community partner, Excelsior Springs School District #40

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