Swim Team and Street Repairs: Council Recap April 1, 2024

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The Excelsior Springs City Council tackled a wide range of issues during their April 1, 2024 meeting. From approving liquor license renewals and securing grant funding for road improvements to considering agreements for a community center upgrade and a local swim team, the council addressed matters impacting various aspects of the city.

2024 Liquor Licenses

The Excelsior Springs City Council unanimously approved the renewal of 33 liquor licenses. The licenses, presented by Police Chief and Liquor Control Officer Gregory Dull, are set to expire on June 30, 2024. Renewals included establishments selling packaged liquor, liquor by the drink, and various levels of beer and wine service. The anticipated revenue from the renewals is approximately $17,100.

Community Center Change Order #11 with Royal Construction

The Council approved a request for Change Order 011 related to the Phase II Community Center project. Presented by Parks and Recreation Director Nate Williams, the change order encompasses several modifications identified while working with contractor Royal Construction. The items include fence modifications, walkway cutouts and repairs, sidewalk removal and replacement around the pond, dome installation, and concrete infill with speaker mounting.

The total cost of the change order is $57,263.11, with funding available from a combination of existing bond funds and a requested transfer of $30,000 from the Sales Tax Fund. 

Community Center Agreement with KMO Swimming, Inc. Regarding Swim Club Pool Rental

The Council also approved a proposed rental agreement with the Purple Wave Swim Club during the meeting. Presented by Parks and Recreation Director Nate Williams, the agreement will allow the club to utilize the community center pool for practices and competitions.

The Purple Wave Swim Club currently practices at William Jewell College but lacks facilities for hosting meets. The proposed agreement outlines practice times that would not conflict with regular public pool operations. Three meets are included, potentially affecting the pool for three weeknight evenings. The Parks and Recreation Department is developing a plan to minimize disruptions during these events.

The agreement is seen as an opportunity to bolster community center programming and potentially assist with staff recruitment efforts.

Intent to Seek CDBG Funds for Road Improvements

The Council voted to seek Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for road improvements during their April 1, 2024 meeting. City Manager Molly McGovern presented the proposal, which leverages private investment and job creation plans from a local industry to justify public improvement funding.

The CDBG funds will be used to create a secondary route from the plant in case the primary access point is blocked. Planned improvements include an improved turning radius at the intersection of Corum Road and St. Louis Avenue and upgrades to the railroad crossing approaches on South McCleary Road. Notably, an initial plan to make much-needed improvements to the intersection of McCleary Road and St. Louis Avenue was removed upon request by the Village of Prathersville, despite the fact that the improvements would have been at no cost to the village.

The total grant request is $413,918, with a required 15% match of $73,045 from the city’s Capital Improvements fund. A public hearing regarding the grant application was held on Thursday, March 28th, 2024, at 4:30 pm, and Capital Improvements approved the request for funding at their last meeting.

Public Works Streetscape Project for 2024 with McAnany Construction

The Council approved a contract with McAnany Construction for the 2024 Streetscape Project during their April 1, 2024 meeting. The agreement, presented by Public Works Director Chad Birdsong, outlined base repairs, UBAS overlays in specific areas, and base repairs on additional streets slated for chip seal applications in 2025.

The project includes base repairs and UBAS overlays to the Madison Park Subdivision, The Vintage Subdivision, and Rock Bridge Parkway Subdivision. Additionally, base repairs will be made on various streets in preparation for future chip seal applications in 2025. The list includes Liberty, Richmond, Murray, South Kent, Mellwood, Line, Berton, Garland, Highland, Ellsworth, Homestead, Owen, Prospect, Divide, Ridge, Grand, Hyder, Salem, Summit, North Kent, Bell, Holmes, Elvira, North Francis, Centralia, York, Cherry, Hazel, Ash, Bates, Bluff, and Folk Streets.  The project also encompasses base repair work in the West Springs and Golf Hill neighborhoods to prepare them for UBAS overlays in 2025.

McAnany Construction submitted the winning bid of $915,315.00, falling below the engineer’s estimate of $944,683.00.  The project will be funded with a combination of $800,000.00 from the Transportation Trust, $183,000.00 from the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funds, bringing the total project budget to $983,000.00. After accounting for engineering costs, $928,700.00 is allocated for the construction phase.

Public Works May Street and Pierson Street ROW Dedication in Milwaukee Heights Subdivision 

The Council approved a request to accept the dedication of right-of-way for May Street and Pierson Street in the Milwaukee Heights Subdivision during their April 1, 2024 meeting. The request, presented by Public Works Director Chad Birdsong, stems from a discrepancy identified by the Clay County Assessor’s Office.

An April 2023 notice from a title company alerted the assessor’s office that their online Geographic Information System (GIS) map inaccurately reflected the right-of-way for these streets. This issue came to light during a property sale on May Street that ultimately fell through due to the mapping error.

The assessor’s office provided a copy of ordinance #2671, which vacated several streets and alleys within Milwaukee Heights in 1923. Upon further investigation, the city could not locate any documentation reversing this vacation of May and Pierson Streets.

The city hired Snyder and Associates to resurvey the area and re-establish the right-of-way with its original legal description to address the discrepancy. Additionally, six adjacent property owners signed a declaration dedicating the land back to the public right-of-way.

Agreement with UMHC

The Council approved a proposed Letter of Agreement with the University of Missouri on behalf of the University of Missouri Health Care (UMHC) during their meeting. Presented by Fire Chief Joe Maddick, the agreement allows Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) students from the Kearney Fire Protection District class to participate in clinical ride-alongs with the Excelsior Springs Fire Department.

These ride-alongs are intended to fulfill the practical training requirements of the EMT program. The agreement is structured as a one-year term with automatic renewal for up to five years.

Agreement with Missouri Department of Transportation for Sidewalk Improvements

The Council approved a proposed agreement with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). Presented by Economic Development Director Melinda Mehaffy, the agreement pertains to sidewalk improvements along Highway 10 in front of the QuikTrip project.

This sidewalk is part of a larger RAISE grant project. However, a section will be completed as part of the QuikTrip construction. To move forward, MoDOT required the city to enter into a sidewalk agreement.

The agreement outlines the city’s responsibility for maintaining the sidewalk in question. MoDOT seeks to avoid additional maintenance burdens for sidewalks along state highways. The council was informed that several other communities in the region have similar agreements with MoDOT for sidewalk projects within their jurisdictions.

Amending the City Code Related to Municipal Court Procedures

The Council received an update on the recent review of the Municipal Division court. City Manager Molly McGovern presented a letter from Court Administrator Taran Svoboda detailing the process.

In January 2024, the Office of State Courts Administrator (OSCA) notified the Excelsior Springs Municipal Division of a routine court review, typically conducted every ten years.  Svoboda facilitated the review by providing documents, participating in meetings, and completing assessments to ensure OSCA had the necessary information.

The review concluded with suggestions for several amendments to improve the clarity and organization of court ordinances, which Svoboda implemented. The council unanimously approved the amendments.

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