Slightly Off Broadway Announces Exciting 2024 Season Lineup

Slightly Off Broadway, the cherished community theater situated in the heart of downtown Excelsior Springs, is thrilled to unveil its diverse and captivating lineup for the 2024 season. Known for its engaging performances and community spirit, the theater promises a year filled with music, drama, and laughter.

February/March: Slightly Off - Country Style III

Kicking off the season is “Slightly Off – Country Style III,” a foot-tapping country music revue. This show invites audiences to relax, sing along, and enjoy a compilation of classic country hits performed by local talents. It’s the perfect opportunity for country music enthusiasts to experience their favorites in a cozy, communal setting.

April/May: Nuncrackers Christmas Musical

Written by Dan Groggins
As spring blooms, “Nuncrackers Christmas Musical” takes the stage. This unique Christmas musical, penned by Dan Groggins, brings a hilarious twist to the festive season. Set in a convent basement’s Cable Access Studio, the show features beloved nuns, Father Virgil, and talented students from Mount Saint Helen’s, offering a blend of humor and holiday spirit.

June: Miss Holmes

Written by Christmas M. Walsh
June introduces a dramatic turn with “Miss Holmes,” written by Christmas M. Walsh. This intriguing play reimagines Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as women, delving into a mysterious case involving a corrupt inspector and his unfortunate wives. It’s a fresh take on the classic detective story, exploring gender roles and societal expectations.

July/August: Fiddler on the Roof

Written by Joseph Stein
The summer heats up with the timeless “Fiddler on the Roof,” authored by Joseph Stein. This beloved musical tells the story of Tevye, a father in Anatevka, Russia, struggling to maintain his Jewish religious and cultural traditions as external influences encroach upon the lives of his family and village. It’s a poignant exploration of faith, family, and change.

September: Slightly Off Band - Tribute

September rocks with the “Slightly Off Band – Tribute.” Following last year’s hit Legends of Rock, this concert will feature a new setlist and a fresh tribute theme, promising an unforgettable evening of classic 80’s rock tunes.

October/November: Klondike Kalamity

Written by David Byrne and Gary Peterson
The theater season continues into the fall with “Klondike Kalamity,” a comedic melodrama by David Byrne and Gary Peterson. Set against the backdrop of the Great Yukon Blizzard of 1888, this play promises laughter and suspense, featuring a cast of quirky characters in a classic good-versus-evil plot.

Annual Christmas Show

To wrap up the year, the Annual Christmas Show brings the community together with festive songs and performances by the Children’s Choir. It’s a heartwarming event that invites audiences to sing along and embrace the joy of the season.

This 2024 season at Slightly Off Broadway offers something for everyone – from country music and classic plays to holiday cheer and rock tributes. It’s a testament to the vibrant cultural scene in Excelsior Springs and the talent within the community. Tickets are expected to sell fast, so be sure to plan your visit and enjoy the magic of local theater. Make reservations online at

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