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Ameren donates air conditioning units to the Good Samaritan Center of Excelsior Springs for low income families.
Ameren Missouri's Mike Edwards (far right) donates air conditioning units to the Good Samaritan Center.

Excelsior Springs, July 15, 2023 – In a world often marred by hardship and inequality, the Good Samaritan Center stands tall as a beacon of hope for the underprivileged in our community. With a three-decade legacy of service, this remarkable institution has not only adapted to the evolving needs of our society but has also amplified its efforts to uplift those in need.

Nestled in Clay County’s 64024 zip code and extending its benevolent reach to all of Ray County, the Center offers a diverse range of indispensable services. Its provisions encompass essential support systems such as a food pantry, aid for housing, utilities, transportation, clothing, furniture, and medical expenses. Through this comprehensive array of assistance, the Center strives to alleviate the burden of financial constraints on vulnerable individuals and families.

Director Sara Noblet highlights an unfortunate gap in available aid, stating, “There are a number of opportunities for assistance if you’re living in Clay County, but those all go away when you cross the line into Ray.” Recognizing the pressing need to bridge this divide, Caseworker Kriston Mosley has taken the initiative to extend the Center’s services into Ray County. By offering assistance directly to Ray County residents, regardless of their location, the Center is effectively removing transportation as a barrier to much-needed care.

In a concerted effort to foster community cohesion and raise awareness about the Center’s invaluable services, a recent event titled “Hot Dogs for Jesus” served as a platform for citizens to connect, socialize, and learn about the Good Samaritan Center’s initiatives. Attendees were also given the opportunity to participate in a clothing giveaway, providing much-needed support to numerous individuals in need.

However, the Center’s dedication to community enrichment extends far beyond these direct services. Collaborating with the local community, it has been leasing kitchen space to vendors from the Excelsior Springs Farmers Market. This strategic partnership not only ensures that vendors have access to a fully equipped commercial kitchen, compliant with the health department’s guidelines, but also enables them to continue their businesses. Furthermore, the lease proceeds contribute financially to the Center’s overarching mission, fostering a cycle of giving back that benefits all involved.

Amidst these commendable endeavors, the Good Samaritan Center has recently been bestowed with the Small Agency Award for its remarkable Happy Bottoms program. This initiative, in collaboration with communities across the Kansas City area, empowers and supports low-income families by addressing their diaper needs. By offering regular diaper pickups, the Center effectively reduces the medical risks associated with inadequate diaper changes for infants, thereby ensuring their well-being.

As the Good Samaritan Center celebrates its ongoing success, it serves as a shining testament to the power of compassion, community engagement, and adaptability. With thirty years of unwavering commitment under its belt, this remarkable institution continues to inspire hope and transform lives in our community. 

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