School District Offers Free Meals During Testing Periods

Excelsior Springs School District has announced that it will provide free breakfast and lunch to all students during the MAP and EOC/AP testing windows in an effort to boost student performance. The decision was made after research showed that regular midday meals could significantly impact a student’s academic success.

According to district Communications Director, Mark Bullimore, the research shows that children who have regular midday meals had reading test scores that were 18% higher than those who had less regular lunches. Additionally, these students also showed a 9% improvement in math test scores. Hunger can lead to lower cognition not only in the short term but sustained periods of hunger may also affect the brain in the long run.

The free meals will be available to students in Cornerstone, Elkhorn, Lewis, Middle School, and High School during the testing windows. The testing period for Cornerstone, Elkhorn, and Lewis schools is from April 17 to May 5, while the Middle School’s testing window is from April 24 to May 5, and the High School’s testing window is from April 20 to May 9.

The district recognizes that hunger can be a significant barrier to academic success and is committed to ensuring that all students have access to healthy and nutritious meals. By offering free meals during testing periods, the district hopes to support students’ academic success and well-being. The district wishes all students good luck during testing and encourages them to do their best!

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