School Board Recap May 9, 2023

Classified Employees for the Month of May, 2023

The Excelsior Springs School District proudly honored Megan Deere and Sarah Carlyle as the Classified Employees of the Month for May 2023. In a special ceremony presented by Mark Bullimore, District Communication Director, the exceptional contributions of these two remarkable individuals from the high school were celebrated. As Dr. Bullimore explained, “Megan and Sarah tirelessly worked to navigate and effectively communicate the district’s new attendance policies. They diligently pulled data weekly and collaborated with the attendance committee members, ensuring they had all the relevant and necessary information to assist students and parents. Additionally, they displayed exemplary communication skills by empathetically listening to parents’ concerns about attendance, and maintained a calm and de-escalating demeanor.” 


In a heartwarming tribute, the Excelsior Springs School Board celebrated the outstanding contributions and dedicated service of a group of retiring classified and certified staff members. The esteemed individuals, whose collective efforts have shaped the educational landscape of the district for several decades, were commended for their unwavering commitment to fostering a nurturing and inclusive learning environment. Many of the district’s administrators, teachers, and students were on hand to express their profound gratitude for the retiring staff’s tireless dedication and immeasurable impact on generations of learners. As the Excelsior Springs School District bids farewell to these exceptional professionals, their legacy will forever be etched in the hearts and minds of the entire school community.

Retirees Position Years at ESSD Total Years in Education
Nancy Joe Block Paraprofessional 19
John McGaugh Custodian 12
Deborah McGrane Paraprofessional 2
Joyce Partin Custodian 18
Sherry Ballinger Health Services Inst. 19
Marsha Broadbent Teacher/Paraprofessional 27 37
Marcie Como Early Childhood Sp. Ed. 30
Damon Fishback Special Education 5 33
Joe Greim Activities Director 29
Karri Kirkendoll Process Coordinator 6 24
John Potter Fire Fighter I & II, EMT 13
Annette Shelton Elementary Principal 3 28
Brian Sloan Elementary Principal 3 28
Diane Sloan Elementary Teacher 2 31

Board Summary Supplied by ESSD

Below you can find a summary of the Board of Education meeting for May 9, 2023, as supplied by the Excelsior Springs School District. You can watch the meeting in its entirety by clicking the video link above.

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