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Photo taken in Mosby at the Pour Boy gas station. Picture by Courtney Cole

This story was updated Tuesday, August 9, 2022 to include Fox 4 Kansas City News coverage.

On the morning of July 8th, Excelsior Springs citizen Kristin Tarrant posted into the Excelsior Citizen facebook group asking if other residents had seen wrong way drivers on US 69 Hwy. She had experienced four wrong way drivers on the divided highway prior and wanted to see if others were experiencing the same. Turns out, they were and since the discussion has started, the reports are continually coming in.

Kristin Tarrant asks about wrong way drivers on Facebook

wrong way on 69 highway discussion

Resident Joseph Ruckman was able to document his near head on collision in Mosby on July 15th. There was a 2019 white Chevy Silverado headed north in the southbound lanes in Mosby on US-69 Hwy. The railroad bridge just before the gas station makes for a visual disturbance, blocking your ability to see the highway around the bend of the bridge.

Chevy Silverado driving the wrong way on US 69 highway

Finding out where wrong way drivers are entering the highway is purely speculation, as many reports are scattered as to where they experienced them. Much of the problem seems to stem in Mosby around the Pour Boy gas station. Online discussion mentioned a courtesy car being offered to those flying into the Mosby airport. If someone is not familiar with the area and comes off of Rhodus Rd, it may be easy for them to assume that turning left is the correct way, not realizing they need to cross that highway and then enter on the northbound side. Others have stated Stockdale Road as a problem and also in Excelsior Springs coming out of Walmart on Patsy Lane.

Pour Boy employees tells experience watching cars pull onto the highway the wrong way

On July 23rd, we went to Mosby and documented the signage that appears at each of the intersections in the Pour Boy area. We sent them to MoDOT to evaluate if there was any missing signage. We have not yet received a follow up. If you have an experience, you can submit a traffic complaint to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. Citizens are encouraged to file a report with MoDOT.

Update: Fox 4 News coverage of the story. Click here for additional coverage.

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