QuikTrip is Coming to Excelsior Springs! (For Real!)

Just imagine, our very own QT will soon be a reality! (submitted photo).

You did it Excelsior Citizens, QuikTrip is coming to Excelsior Springs! For years when anyone has asked “what does this town need?” one of the first answers has inevitably been “A Quiktrip!” The long-running gag in the Excelsior Citizen Facebook Group has translated into real-world results for the community, with QuikTrip headquarters announcing today that they will build a store at the corner of Jesse James and South McCleary Roads. Aisha Jefferson-Smith, QuikTrip’s Corporate Communications Manager said, “QuikTrip is in the early planning stages of coming to Excelsior Springs. We hope to have the location under construction by the Summer of 2023 with an opening in early 2024.”

According to our sources the QuikTrip will be located at the intersection of Jesse James and S. McCleary Rd. (photo S Jason Cole)

While rumors of a QuikTrip coming to town have been stirring for nearly 9-months, the plans for the development of the property where the Quiktrip will be located received the final stamp of approval earlier this month. Careful considerations were made concerning the flow of traffic to and from the property situated at the busy intersection. 

 A dizzying array of fountain drinks, coffee, and frozen treats will soon be available to the citizens of Excelsior Springs. QuikTrip offers many amenities that customers enjoy from a wide variety of snacks and beverages to their “guaranteed gasoline.”  QuikTrip, innovators of the roller grill, have an incredible selection of “snackles” including hot dogs, taquitos, and egg rolls to name a few. 

Citizens have been looking forward to having a QuikTrip here for a long time. An event page created in 2018 by the Excelsior Citizen had more than 400 comments in support of QuikTrip coming to Excelsior Springs.  “Love QuikTrip. They offer a decent wage to their employees, as well as a great management structure. Will bring jobs to our community.  Have guaranteed gasoline, therefore protecting our vehicles. Are usually pretty busy, therefore they’re revenue producing for our community,” said Excelsior Springs resident Nikole Campbell. 

While a new convenience store may not seem like much to some people, the message of “we can make a positive change while having fun,” is what the Excelsior Citizen is all about. Now, if we could just get that roller rink!

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