Prewitt Honored with Historic Preservation Award

Betty Bissell (right) presents Ron Prewitt with the Historic Preservation Award (photo S Jason Cole).

The Historic Preservation Committee of Excelsior Springs proudly presented Ron Prewitt with a prestigious historic preservation award in recognition of his exceptional renovation and restoration work on the historic home located at 522 Elms Blvd. Prewitt’s dedication, skill, and vision have breathed new life into this architectural gem, defying skeptics who doubted its revival.

At a ceremony held Wednesday, surrounded by community members and fellow preservation enthusiasts, Prewitt graciously accepted the award with heartfelt appreciation. In his acceptance speech, Prewitt expressed gratitude to his friends and family for their unwavering support throughout the restoration journey. He particularly acknowledged his neighbor, Ed Emery, and Ed’s friend, Arlo Rosenboom, for their invaluable assistance in overseeing and executing significant portions of the renovation.

Ed Emery, Arlo Rosenboom, Ron Prewitt and Betty Bissell

Prewitt, well known throughout the area for his renovation of homes, shared that this project marked his 74th successful renovation to date. However, he confessed that the restoration of the Elms Blvd. property held a special place in his heart. Despite initial doubts and skeptics questioning the feasibility of the project, Prewitt’s passion for and determination to breathe new life into the historic home prevailed.

The Elms Blvd. home, once a proud architectural gem, built around 1913, had fallen into disrepair but has now been lovingly transformed into a stunning testament to its former glory.

The Historic Preservation Committee of Excelsior Springs praised Prewitt for his extraordinary commitment to preserving the city’s rich heritage. Speaking at the ceremony, Commission Chairperson, Betty Bissell, stated, Prewitt’s dedication to revitalizing historic homes is unparalleled. His work exemplifies the essence of our mission to safeguard the architectural legacy of Excelsior Springs for future generations.

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