Parade of Hearts in Excelsior Springs

We’ve got heart! You may have seen a new addition when driving downtown. Excelsior received a heart from the Parade of Hearts this past week. Installed at Elms Blvd and 10 HWY, the heart splashes into town in a tribute to the Kansas City Blazers. 

The Blazers are a USA Swimming Level IV club established in 1975. The Blazers have been the premiere team in the region for over 40 years and have six Olympic representatives.  

The hearts artist is a high schooler named Gwynevere Buie. On Buie’s Instagram she says the “short version” behind the story for the heart is “..swimming is very important to me as a sport and a way of rehabilitation; and has provided me with opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise!”  

Hearts will continue to be placed throughout the Kansas City area through April 27th and will stay in place till mid-August. In late August/early September an auction takes place. The auction is a large part of the Parade of Hearts initiative which is to raise funds for local nonprofits. 

You can download the Parade of Hearts app to unlock badges by checking in at every heart! The app has a map of where each heart is located, as well as artist information, and more. The Parade of Hearts site describes the hearts as “a public art experience that celebrates our diversity, unites communities and supports nonprofits..”.  

We are thrilled Excelsior was chosen as a location for a heart this year. Have you already gone to see the heart? Or passed it when driving this weekend? If you took a picture be sure to share it in the Excelsior Citizen Facebook group!

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