No, the Pasta Plant Did Not Burn Down…

Photo of the Pasta Plant from August 2022 (S Jason Cole)

Despite what you may have heard, the Pasta Plant did not burn down. However, there was a fire.

According to Excelsior Springs Fire Chief, Joe Maddick a call came in at 6:56 PM reporting a fire at the pasta plant. A piece of equipment used to move products from one part of the plant to another caught fire. The fire was contained to that piece of equipment. Kearney and Liberty assisted Excelsior Springs Fire on the call. The fire was extinguished, with the total time on the scene for emergency responders at approximately 1 1/2 hours. No injuries were reported.

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2 thoughts on “No, the Pasta Plant Did Not Burn Down…”

    1. Rumors had started about a fire at the plant. We reached out to the fire department and there had been a piece of equipment that had caught fire. They were able to get it out without any problems.

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