No Kidding, ESHS ‘Springo’ a Success as Live Goat Prize Steals the Show

ESHS juniors Madeline Andreasen (left) and Malaya Tedesco called out the bingo numbers (photos Brody Hurla).

Excelsior Springs, MO–The Excelsior Springs High School Student Council, sponsored by teachers Allison Neumann and Jessica Meyer, held its semi-annual bingo fundraising event this past Monday.  The first bingo fundraiser was held in the fall of 2022 and has been held each semester since then. This year’s spring bingo, or “Springo” event, raised over $2,000 for the student council, with more than 180 sets of bingo cards sold. The money raised will go towards funding student leadership opportunities, including sending members of Stuco to a student council summer camp in Fulton, Missouri.

The event featured a variety of prizes for all ages, with a dedicated table offering stuffed animals and superhero stickers for children. Other winners received gift cards, Stanley cups, and even tickets to a goat yoga class at Excelsior Springs Community Center. High-value prizes included a $150 StubHub gift card, AirPods, and grotto passes to the Elms. But, Excelsior Springs High School sophomore Hazelmarie Mann walked away with the biggest prize of the evening – a live goat! 

Bingo got your goat? For the second event in a row a live goat was one of the top prizes. A photo of the goat was available at the event.
Things got competitive amongst the students with high-dollar prizes like Apple Airpods on the line.

This is the second time ESHS bingo night has included a goat as one of its top prizes, and it has been a huge draw for the event. Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, the goat was the first prize of the night taken, much to everyone else’s demise.

Excelsior Springs High School senior Paige Crowley, a four-year member and current secretary of the student council, spearheaded the recent bingo night. Crowley conceived the event in 2022 and has overseen its operation since its inception. As Crowley prepares to graduate in May, this marked her final bingo night as the organizer.

“I couldn’t be more happy with how things turned out!” Crowley said regarding her final bingo event. “I’m completely overwhelmed by the amount of community support we’ve gotten this year. I’m going to miss organizing these bingo nights next year, but I’m overjoyed to get to go out with a bang, surrounded by people I love, and I can’t wait to see what the Student Council does with it next year!”

Crowley expressed her gratitude to Madeline Andreasen, the student council vice president who serves as the event’s announcer. “Madeleine Andreasen is the announcer, and she does a great job every time,” Crowley said. “None of this would be possible without her.”

With Crowley’s departure, ESHS bingo nights’ future takes on a new chapter. However, both Crowley and the student council project continued success for the event. The next bingo night will likely be held in the fall. Keep an eye on the Excelsior Citizen Community Calendar, and be sure to attend the next bingo night for a potential opportunity to win a goat and support the amazing kids working tirelessly in the student council.

Crowley (center) poses with her Stuco cohort (photo via Paige Crowley).
It was a great turnout for the event, that raised more than $2,000 for student council.

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