No Bodies Found at Crime Scene, Investigation Continues

Investigators were at the crime scene again this afternoon gathering additional evidence on 10/20/22 (photo S Jason Cole).

There has been a lot of media coverage, locally and nationally, regarding the alleged kidnapping and sexual assault of a 22-year-old African American woman who escaped from captivity, in our community of Excelsior Springs. Many outlets are jumping to conclusions, referring to the suspect as a serial killer, and sensationalizing a case that is still developing and being investigated.

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According to Excelsior Springs Police Chief Gregory Dull, at this time there have been no bodies or body parts found at the residence of Timothy Haslett Jr. in the 300 block of Old Orchard Ave. Dull asked for continued patience as teams carefully examine the evidence of this case. He said there are hundreds, possibly thousands of pieces of evidence in this case, including electronic devices which still need to be examined, any of which could contain information that could lead to additional charges.

A large team of investigators was at the crime scene Thursday afternoon (10/20/22) examining the home and looking for additional evidence. According to ESPD many members of the growing investigative team who are working on the case had not had an opportunity to see the house first-hand. The visit also gave investigators an opportunity to follow up on some potential leads they had uncovered in their intitial investigations.

ESPD and their partnering investigative units are working hard to ensure justice is served. The threat of immediate harm has passed. Timothy Haslett Jr. remains in custody at the Clay County Detention Center on charges of rape, assault, and kidnapping. Chief Dull urges anyone who may have information regarding this case to call the Excelsior Springs Police Department at 816-629-7108 (to remain anonymous contact the Greater KC Crime Stoppers/Tips Hotline at 816 474-TIPS or at

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