New Visitor’s Guide Released at Downtown Merchant Mingle

There was a great crowd of downtown merchants at the Downtown Excelsior Partnership‘s (DEP) first “Downtown Merchant Mingle” of the year. Merchants met at Dubious Claims Brewery on Wednesday evening where the newly printed tourist guides were shared and distributed. In addition to the magazine launch, Downtown Executive Director Lyndsey Baxter highlighted this year’s annual sponsors, provided an update on the Lithia Landing project, media updates, way-finding to downtown, and mention of possible future entertainment district.

As previously reported, the Lithia Landing project would take an unused space which historically was a gathering place for the Lithia Well, and return it to a space where visitors and citizens can come together again. Located to the west of Willow Spring Mercantile downtown on Broadway, Sgt. Jeremiah Renne conceptualized a deck filled with tables and chairs that extended out toward Fishing River Park, where those who may be waiting for a table at a nearby restaurant can do so in a space designed especially for them. Funds raised from the annual dinner in October kicked off the fundraising for the project. Atlas Saloon Brewery donated 50 wine bottles of what they are calling the “Lithia Landing” Vidal Blanc and St. Vincent with proceeds to go toward the Lithia Landing project. The Vidal Blanc grapes came from Fence Stile Vineyards and Winery and the St. Vincent grapes came from Jim and Daphne Bowman, with Four Horses and a Dog and the Atlas’ Keith Hudson helping in the wine making process. Donations of $50 or more will receive a Lithia Landing wine. Watch for the announcement of this coming week on

Lithia Landing visual concept for Downtown Excelsior Springs
Conceptualized by Sgt. Jeremiah Renne and painted by local artist Mark Walters

Baxter announced that the DEP Board has started looking at the process for creating an Entertainment District that would permit citizens and visitors to carry alcoholic drinks with them throughout the streets of downtown. The organization has multiple successful fundraising events throughout the year centered on alcoholic drinks, such as wine tastings and brew crawls. There will be a Listening Session regarding this topic on February 7th. Follow DEP’s Facebook Page where details will be released.

DEP’s Wayfinding Project will be working to provide better navigation throughout the downtown through the use of signage. They have recently been approved to install this spring/summer 1 arterial sign, 4 local signs, 2 icon signs, 7 pedestrian signs, 4 parking signs, and 3 trail signs to help visitors and citizens understand how to get around. In addition to these projects, DEP is also utilizing local talent to produce tourism videos and photography that will showcase downtown merchant’s shops and activities. For more information and details on upcoming events, visit DEP’s website at

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