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New Business, Beyond Wellness and Yoga Stretches Out in Excelsior Springs

Chelsea Craig BW&Y
Chelsea Craig, owner of Beyond Wellness and Yoga poses for a quick picture at her grand opening Saturday evening (photo S Jason Cole).

Beyond Wellness and Yoga, located at 461 South Thompson Avenue held a grand opening event Saturday, June 25 welcoming citizens of Excelsior Springs to explore new paths to new levels of health. Owner, Chelsea Craig is a national board-certified athletic trainer and licensed healthcare provider in Missouri, “with a master’s degree in kinesiology and behavioral sciences and over a decade’s worth of experience in sports medicine, physiology, rehabilitation, and women’s health.” Craig said that in addition to her many certifications she was, “kind of a hippy growing up” with her mother administering herbs, essential oils, and other non-traditional treatments for whatever was ailing her. Craig said she loves living in Excelsior Springs and wanted to share some of her unique abilities with the community by combining her knowledge of the body with her, “intuitive gifts, energetic medicine, frequency, and ancient practices to support women and their vitality.” Beyond Wellness and Yoga offers a unique selection of services, including “Intuitive Knowing and Consciousness Gathering, Intuitive Acupuncture and Energy work, and Intuitive and Spiritual Counseling,” to name a few. To learn more about Beyond Wellness and Yoga visit their website or check them out on Instagram.

Craig has created a warm and welcoming space for her clients (photo Courtney Cole).

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