Missouri Municipal League Chooses Excelsior Springs for Regional Meeting

Municipal leaders from the area gathered at Parings by Van Till for the Missouri Municipal League’s Westgate Regional Conference (photo S Jason Cole).

November 4, 2022 – The Missouri Municipal League held their West Gate Regional Meeting at Pairings by Van Till in downtown Excelsior Springs on Thursday evening. The Missouri Municipal League has a mission to strengthen cities through unity and cooperation, bringing together city leaders to communicate and in turn helping them to improve. The dinner was headlined by Lowell Kruse, Co-Founder, and Chairman, of Communities of Excellence 2026. According to the Communities of Excellence website, “Kruse is the former CEO of Heartland Health in St. Joseph, Missouri. He retired in July 2009 after serving Heartland for 25 years as their CEO. Kruse came to St. Joseph in 1984 when the two existing community hospital boards had decided to come together and form Heartland Health to better serve the needs of the community and the broader region surrounding St. Joseph. With Kruse leading the way, he helped create the organization that became Heartland Health and grew it into not just the major employer in the region but also one of the top healthcare organizations in the United States. He describes the vision of the organization as, ‘Heartland Health and its service area will be the best and safest place in America to receive healthcare and live a healthy and productive life.'”

Excelsior Springs has become a leader for the Missouri Municipal League and consistently provides examples of “how things should be done” with the development of our downtown and the growth of our business community.

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