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Meet Excelsior Springs’ Newest Author, Rose Winter

Rose Winter, age 10, poses with her self-published book, The Enchanted City (submitted photo).

When you’re ten years old the world is a pretty magical place. Fourth grader and author/illustrator Rose Winter wanted to capture some of that magic, so she wrote her very own book, The Enchanted City, and published it herself. At first, Rose, who says she has always liked writing, wasn’t quite sure what to write about, but then she said “the idea just hit me!” She’d been reading a book in the Boxcar Children series and started taking notes on ideas that she wished she could read about. When her mom, Anne Winter, saw the notes she helped Rose copy them into a word processing program and then they worked together to get things organized. “My story is about a girl named Anna, a boy named Markus, and an evil witch, I don’t want to tell much more so people will want to read it,” said Rose. Once the story was complete Rose shared it with some friends and family and it was a big hit. Rose’s “Mee-Maw,” Laney Haake, is an artist who has published some books so she helped Rose with getting the books printed. They used Barnes and Noble self publishing tools to create a hardcover children’s book.

Rose has already had orders for 38 books, including one order from her school, Cornerstone Elementary. Cornerstone librarian, Cheryl Bailey said that “Writing is an excellent outlet for kids to be creative and express their ideas. I know that Rose’s book is going to inspire more kids to find their voice and they are going to create something wonderful as well.” Rose isn’t stopping here, she already has plans to publish more books. “I already have five more stories typed up!,” she exclaimed when asked about her plans for another book, “one of them is fourteen pages long!” If you are interested in supporting Rose’s passion for writing you can purchase a copy of the Enchanted City for $10 (+shipping) by emailing Anne Winter.

Cornerstone Elementary Librarian, Cheryl Bailey (photo courtesy Cheryl Bailey)

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3 thoughts on “Meet Excelsior Springs’ Newest Author, Rose Winter”

  1. Barbara Kellerman

    What a great article. Way to go Rose, I know you’ll inspire more kids to write. Never
    Stop using your imagination- it can take you anywhere you want to go.

  2. Sharon Lee Senger

    Rose, I remember you from our STAR Class. I knew you were very sharp and will do many great things in your life. Congratulaions! on publishing your first book. I plan to order a copy!
    Sharon Senger

  3. Sharon Lee Senger

    I just read Rose Winter’s new book, “The Enchanted City”. It is an exciting book and fun to read. It’s very well written for someone so young! I would encourage everyone to read and enjoy it. We will look forward to her next books.
    Keep writing, Rose!! You have a gift, so please continue to share it with the world.
    Sharon Senger

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