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Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Unites Community for Morning of Faith and Reflection

On Thursday, May 4, 2023, the annual Excelsior Springs Prayer Breakfast was held at the beautiful Elms Hotel. It was a morning filled with messages of inspiration and hope as community members gathered to pray, reflect, and listen to uplifting messages from local leaders and special guest speaker, Tim Doyle.

Tim Harlan in front of the camera for once with his ESHS choir (video S Jason Cole).

The morning began with a warm welcome from Mike Boudreaux, pastor of Crescent Lake Christian Center, and an opening prayer led by Pastor James Wesley of Main Street Baptist. The Job Corp NJROTC Color Guard presented the flag, followed by Stephen Spear, Mayor Pro Term, leading the pledge of allegiance. The high school choir, led by Tim Harlan, set the tone for the event opening with the National Anthem and following with a moving rendition of “Walk in Jerusalem.”

Students from Excelsior Springs Job Corps presented the colors for the morning ceremony (submitted photo).

Mayor Mark Spohn then shared his thoughts, setting the stage for the keynote speaker. Spohn began his message by giving a brief history of the annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast and how it came to be. He expressed his gratitude to Brother Mike Boudreau for keeping this tradition alive. Spohn shared a passage from the Book of Isaiah and discussed the meaning of Excelsior Springs, “always onward and upward.” He urged attendees to pray for the various ongoing development projects in the city and asked for guidance and wisdom for the city council in their decision-making. He compared the various projects in the community to the production of a vineyard, “like a wine that does not come before its time, these projects will come only with careful cultivation and will produce a harvest of blessings to our community.”

Guest speaker, Tim Doyle with Mayor Mark Spohn (photo S Jason Cole).

Tim Doyle, the pastor of Restoration Church of St. Joe, took the stage and delivered an inspiring message about the power of faith and community in times of hardship. He discussed his passion for seeing cities fulfill their purpose and be lifted higher. He said he believes that men and women of faith should be represented in all areas of influence in order to bring God’s blessing and kingdom to their cities.

Guest Speaker Tim Doyle’s Keynote Speech (video S Jason Cole).

Doyle’s church is currently working on a project to open a grocery store in their downtown area, which is the largest food desert in the city. Although the goal is to create a sustainable model for other communities, the higher purpose is to meet a felt need in the community and be a blessing to the city. He believes that it’s important for people who love their city to look at its issues and situations and be a part of the solution, not just leave it to the mayor and city council.

Doyle used the history of, Saint Joseph, as an example of how a city can waste its opportunities and decline when it doesn’t fulfill its ‘God-given purpose.’ He encouraged the audience to seek God’s heart for their own city and to be strong and set lofty goals for the future. Doyle challenged his listeners to dream big and be champions in their cities, fulfilling the role they were created for and “partnering with Heaven to see His will done on earth.”

Doyle’s message resonated deeply with the audience, reminding them of the importance of hope, faith, and perseverance in the face of adversity. He encouraged attendees to come together as a community, supporting and uplifting one another through bad times and good.

Community leaders from every major organization attended the event (photo S Jason Cole).

The event also featured prayers for first responders, city and county officials and workers, educators, military members and their families, as well as state and national officials. These prayers were led by local pastors Shannon Greene, Chad Wagner, John Dearing, Gary Barkley, and Adel Thalos, respectively.

The Excelsior Springs Prayer Breakfast has been an important event in the community for many years, and this year’s gathering was no exception. It was a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience of the community, and the importance of coming together to support one another. We can all take inspiration from the messages and prayers shared at this event and strive to be a positive force in Excelsior Springs.

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