LPR Services, Street Scans Highlight City Council Agenda

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Discussion at the November 20, 2023, Excelsior Springs City Council meeting ranged from the restructuring of rates at the Excelsior Springs Golf Course to the advanced implementation of License Plate Reader technology. The council also set the stage for the upcoming 2024 Municipal Election by establishing key filing dates. Further, they reviewed a comprehensive pavement condition report from Lamp Rynearson and scrutinized the city’s financial health through the October Revenue Report.

Consideration of 2024 Golf Rates – Ordinance No. 23-11-07

The first agenda item for the Excelsior Springs City Council Meeting on November 20, 2023, involved considering rate adjustments at the Excelsior Springs Golf Course. The proposal, presented by Shane Gardner of Orion Management Solutions, outlined a new schedule for membership fees and daily rates, set to go into effect on January 1, 2024.

Key aspects of the proposal included:

Daily Rates Adjustment: The proposal outlined changes in daily rates for various categories such as weekday, weekend, senior, and twilight rates. For instance, the weekday walk rate was proposed to increase from $25 in 2023 to $28 in 2024. Similarly, the weekend ride rate was suggested to rise from $51 in 2023 to $52 in 2024.

Membership Plans Revision: Several membership plans were revised. For example, the Log Cabin Club membership was proposed to increase from $1850 in 2023 to $1950 in 2024. Each plan included specific terms and conditions, such as the number of memberships available, cart and green fees, and family member additions.

Market Analysis and Rate Study: Orion Management conducted a market analysis of competing golf courses and a comprehensive rate study to ensure the recommended rates and membership plans were consistent with the surrounding market.

Additional Provisions: The proposal also included information on range passes, junior memberships, and the approach to pro-rating fees for late sign-ups.

This rate adjustment was part of a strategic plan to align the golf course’s operations with market standards and to provide a clear, simplified structure moving forward. The City Manager was authorized to take necessary actions to implement these adjustments.

Consideration of Agreement with Flock Group Inc. for License Plate Reader Services

The second agenda item for the Excelsior Springs City Council Meeting on November 20, 2023, involved the consideration of an agreement with Flock Group Inc. for License Plate Reader (LPR) services. Excelsior Springs Police Chief Gregory Dull presented the proposal.

Key details of the proposal included:

Objective of the Agreement: The agreement aimed to employ Flock Group Inc.’s LPR technology to enhance public safety and law enforcement capabilities within Excelsior Springs. This technology would assist the police department in locating stolen vehicles and missing persons, as well as in investigating criminal activities.

Features of the LPR Technology: The LPR system offered by Flock Group Inc. involves the use of cameras that can capture and analyze license plate data. This data would be accessible to law enforcement for investigative purposes.

Deployment and Operation: The proposal detailed the planned deployment of the LPR cameras at strategic locations throughout the city. The operation of these cameras and the handling of the data would adhere to privacy and legal guidelines.

Financial Considerations: The agreement outlined the costs associated with implementing the LPR system, including installation and maintenance fees. The proposal also discussed potential funding sources or financial models for supporting this initiative.

Community Impact and Privacy Concerns: Chief Dull emphasized the balance between enhancing public safety and addressing privacy concerns. The proposal included measures to ensure data security and compliance with privacy laws.

Consideration of Filing Dates for Municipal Election

The Council discussed the filing dates for the April 2, 2024, General Municipal Election. Key details included:

Opening of Filing Period: The filing period for candidates interested in running for office begins on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, at 8:00 a.m.

Closing of Filing Period: The deadline for filing candidacy is 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 26, 2023.

Certification of the Ballot: The final day for the certification of the ballot is January 23, 2024.

Vacant Positions: Two (2) positions on the City Council will become vacant and are up for election.

Filing Location: Candidates must file their papers with the City Clerk in the office of the City Manager.

Public Notification: In compliance with Section 115.127 (5), a notification was prepared to the general public regarding the filing dates, offices to be filled, place for filing, and the closing filing date of the election. This notification will be published in the Standard on November 24 and December 1, 2023, and in the Town and Country on November 22 and November 29, 2023.

Presentation by Lamp Rynearson – Stantec Report

The report provided an in-depth analysis of the current condition of street infrastructure in Excelsior Springs. Key highlights from the presentation included:

Pavement Condition Assessment: Utilizing Stantec’s advanced data collection technology, specifically the Road Tester 3000, the streets of Excelsior Springs were inspected, and their conditions were rated on a scale from 0 (failed) to 100 (excellent).

Current Street Conditions: The city has 159.5 lane miles of pavement to maintain, predominantly asphalt. The assessment revealed varying conditions across different street segments, with a significant portion falling below the ‘fair’ condition.

Maintenance Challenges and Recommendations: Lamp Rynearson recommended a comprehensive street maintenance plan tailored to the city’s specific needs and budget. This plan included strategies such as crack sealing, base repairs, chip sealing, Ultra-Thin Bonded Asphalt Surfaces (UBAS), and full street reconstruction for streets in very poor condition.

Budget Considerations: To accommodate various repair techniques and maintenance activities, an annual street maintenance budget of approximately $1.3 million was suggested.

Future Projections: The report included projections of the Pavement Condition Index over the coming years, illustrating the potential deterioration of street conditions without proper maintenance and the improvements that could be expected with the implementation of the proposed plan.

Strategic Implementation: Emphasis was placed on strategic implementation of maintenance activities, ensuring the most critical areas are addressed first, and resources are utilized effectively.

This presentation was crucial for city planners and the council to understand the current state of their infrastructure and to make informed decisions about budget allocations and maintenance strategies for the city’s streets. The goal was to improve overall street conditions, ensuring safer and more efficient transportation for the community.

October Revenue Report and Financials for Review

The October Revenue Report and Financials for the City of Excelsior Springs were reviewed, highlighting various aspects of the city’s financial health.

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