Liberty Hospital Clinic Welcomes Dr. Kyle Mueller

Liberty Hospital’s Excelsior Springs Clinic has a new Family Practice doctor, Kyle Mueller, MD. Dr. Mueller has only been in the area for a few months now but says he enjoys the small town atmosphere. Mueller is originally from Oklahoma and attended medical school at St. Martin’s University in the Caribbean, then did his clinical studies in Oklahoma City before relocating to Liberty, MO with his wife. Being able to help those in need, is what drives Dr. Mueller says the most rewarding moments form him are, “when someone hasn’t been listened to, and I can be there to listen or when they have a problem that hasn’t been addressed and I can help them get through that problem.” Aside from his duties as a family practitioner Mueller will also be serving as a sideline physician at Tiger sporting events here in Excelsior Springs, an area where he also has some experience. When not at the office Dr. Mueller says he and his wife enjoy being outdoors, playing tennis, and hiking. Be sure to give Dr. Mueller a warm Excelsior Springs welcome.

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