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Lewis Elementary Crossing Guard Receives Touching Surprise

Last Updated on May 21, 2023 by S Jason Cole

Kerry Day presents a gift basket to crossing guard Jim Wesley (photo Mackenzie Cole).

Lewis Elementary School’s beloved crossing guard, Jim Wesley, was met with a heartwarming surprise on Wednesday as appreciative parents and students presented him with a special gift basket in recognition of his unwavering dedication. The basket was full of gift cards, candy, and a mug emblazoned with the words, “Wake Up, Be Awesome!” a phrase that could have been custom designed for Jim.

Jim with some of the children who helped organize the surprise (photo Kerry Day).

With his warm smile and friendly demeanor, Jim has become an integral part of the Lewis Elementary community, ensuring the safety of children as they navigate the bustling streets each day. His commitment and genuine care for the well-being of every student have earned him the admiration and respect of parents and children alike.

As Jim ended his afternoon shift, he was greeted with cheers and applause as parents and students gathered around him, holding the beautifully crafted gift basket. Overwhelmed with emotions, Jim expressed his heartfelt gratitude to everyone who had organized this thoughtful surprise, thanking each and every one.

Parents and students alike shared stories of Jim’s compassion and dedication, highlighting the positive influence he has had on their lives. Kerry Day who organized the surprise, spoke fondly of the trust she placed in Jim each day. “He’s prevented lots of really scary things from happening, we really appreciate him and just wanted him to know that,” she said. “His presence has brought us peace of mind, knowing that he’s here each day looking out for our kids.”

Jim used to serve as a Scout Leader and really enjoyed working with the youth. As he’s gotten a little older, he wanted to find a way to stay involved in helping children. This led him to become a crossing guard, where he said his motivation to do his job every day is simple, “just a love for kids and the community.”

This article was written with the assistance of ESHS students, Brody Hurla and Mackenzie Cole.

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