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Kids Give Aquatic Center Stamp of Approval

Kids give new aquatic center a thumbs up poolside
Kids give stamp of approval at the Community Center’s new Aquatic Center – Submitted Photo Jesse Hall

The Excelsior Springs Community Center’s Aquatic Center expansion is making significant strides as it moves closer to completion. Project Manager Jesse Hall reports construction work has been progressing smoothly, bringing the community closer to the grand opening of this highly anticipated facility this summer.

Skyvuer Imagery provides drone footage of the progress of the Community Center's Phase II aquatic center project

During the past week, the following accomplishments were made:

  1. Decking Pours continued
  2. Electrical Work: Electricians focused on the new parking lot, mechanical room, and pool deck.
  3. Parking Lot Asphalt Work and Striping
  4. Excavation work was undertaken to prepare the area for the final grading process.
  5. Delivery of Plants and Trees: As part of the beautification process, plants and trees were delivered. These natural elements will enhance the visual appeal and create a welcoming environment for visitors.
  6. Curb Extension: A curb extension was poured on Wornall, further enhancing safety measures and providing a smooth transition between the road and the Aquatic Center.
Parking lot progress from Skyvuer Imagery drone photography
Photo by Skyvuer Imagery

Looking ahead, the Aquatic Center is poised to enter the next phase of development. Here are the anticipated activities for the upcoming week:

  1. Parking Lot Reopens
  2. Practice Field Grading: Grading work will continue on the practice field, preparing it for various recreational activities
  3. Finalization of Light Pole Wiring
  4. Plaster and Tile Work Begins
  5. Fence Work
  6. Concrete Pours for Dome Bases and Shelter
  7. Final Deck Pour
  8. Landscaping Commences
  9. River Rock Placement: Under the slide, river rocks will be carefully placed, providing an attractive and comfortable surface for aquatic activities.

As the Excelsior Springs Aquatic Center project progresses steadily, excitement builds within the community. The vision of a state-of-the-art facility is becoming a reality. Stay tuned for further updates on this remarkable project that will soon become a hub of community engagement and well-being.

Practice Field Grading continues at the Community Center
Grading of practice fields. Photo by Skyvuer Imagery

Images provided by Skyvuer Imagery

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