Holistic Springs Herb Co. Hosts ‘Kids as Vendors’ Event, Fostering Young Entrepreneurship in the Community

In an empowering initiative aimed at molding the next generation of entrepreneurs, Jesseka Meek, the spirited new owner of Holistic Springs Herb Co., launched a community-centric event titled ‘Kids as Vendors.’ The inaugural gathering took place on August 26th from 11 am to 1 pm, offering a platform to eight young, aspiring business owners to showcase their talents and wares.

The event saw a great mix of youthful creativity, with offerings ranging from handcrafted slime and bracelets to lawn care services and original artwork. Despite the dampened weather, spirits remained high as the young vendors eagerly interacted with the public, practicing their sales pitches and explaining the uniqueness of their products or services.

Local residents turned up in a steady stream, eager to encourage these fledgling entrepreneurs. Each vendor was prompted to devise a unique business name and was encouraged to flex their marketing skills in the lead-up to the event.

Parental support was shown, with each child accompanied by at least one adult to assist with sales and organizational tasks. The event also served as a valuable bonding experience for families. Kelly Shippy, a parent participant, and her daughter Rae seized the opportunity to perfect their slime recipe. Not only did they carry out meticulous research, but they also tinkered in their home-based lab until their product reached optimal consistency. They even considered packaging and threw in additional treats to make their booth irresistible.

Jesseka expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative’s success. “This has been such a positive experience for the kids involved. We’re planning to make this a recurring event, taking place every other weekend while the weather permits,” she said.

The next ‘Kids as Vendors’ markets are already scheduled for Saturday, September 9, and 23, 2023, between 11 am and 1 pm. Those interested in participating can reach out to Jesseka through the Holistic Springs Herb Co.’s Facebook page to get signed up.

With initiatives like ‘Kids as Vendors,’ Holistic Springs Herb Co. is not just selling herbs but also sowing the seeds of community growth and young entrepreneurship.

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