“He’s Gonna Kill Me,” Neighbor Recounts Woman’s Escape from Captivity

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Excelsior Springs citizen, Ciara Tharp details how her grandmother took in the young woman who escaped from alleged captivity and sexual abuse and eventually ended up finding shelter at her home. Ciara said she was at work and her grandmother was babysitting at her house when the distraught woman showed up banging on the door and screaming for help. Tharp’s grandmother said the woman said, “I’ve been raped, I’ve been held captive, you’ve got to help me, he’s gonna kill me.” Ciara said her grandmother told her, “my heart told me that I needed to help.” Her grandmother took in the young woman, gave her food, water, and a blanket, and listened to her harrowing tale while waiting for the police to arrive.

In the video, Ciara also recalls her encounters with her neighbor and suspect, Tim Haslett, and explains why she thinks the victim ultimately ended up at her house. Subscribe to the Excelsior Citizen YouTube Channel to get updates when we upload new videos.

ESPD Consult with Crime Scene Investigators at the scene of the alleged crime (photo S Jason Cole).

As of 10/9/22, the roads around the alleged crime scene have been reopened to traffic. Excelsior Springs Police Chief, Gregory Dull released a statement saying, “Numerous items have been recovered from the residence and the process of examining and evaluating those items will begin this week, to determine if any other crimes may have been committed.” We are also expecting the release of other important documents, including the probable cause statements and the results of the cadaver dog report.

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