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Haslett Jr. Appears in Court, Hearing Set for Dec. 2nd

Last Updated on November 8, 2022 by S Jason Cole

Timothy Haslett Jr., center, appeared in court 11/08/22 (images pulled from video courtesy of Fox4 News Kansas City).

9:00 AM November 8, 2022 – Timothy Haslett Jr. appeared in Clay County Circuit Court, Division 7, in front of Judge Louis Angles, for what was originally scheduled to be a bond reduction hearing. Unlike the arraignment hearing on October 11, 2022, Haslett was physically present for the hearing today. Haslett along with approximately 8 other detainees was already seated in the courtroom as visitors began to enter. He appeared somber but relaxed, dressed in a black and white striped jumpsuit, shackled with handcuffs that were attached to a leather belt around his waist. There was no discussion of a bond reduction and the proceedings turned out to be little more than a docket call lasting approximately 30 seconds.

Haslett Jr. approaches the bench (image courtesy Fox4).

Public Defender, Tiffany Leuty approached the bench and was joined by Haslett who stood quietly by her side. Leuty spoke to Judge Angles, “I think we’re just up for a docket call today, nothing substantive to discuss,” she stated. Judge Angles asked if they would like to keep the preliminary hearing date set for December 2nd, to which Leuty agreed. “The preliminary hearing remains scheduled for December 2nd, 2022” declared Angles. With that, Haslett returned to his seat, under the escort of Clay County Sheriff’s deputies.

Yesterday, November 7, 2022, another procedural hearing was held in Clay County Circuit Court, Division 9 under the guidance of Judge Daniel L. White in which Haslett Jr.was not present, but in which he was evicted from his residence at 301 Old Orchard Ave in Excelsior Springs. Attorney for the landlords, Bryce Moore, explained afterward that the proceedings ensured that if Haslett Jr. were to somehow be released from detention he would not be allowed to return to his former residence. The property at 301 Old Orchard remains fenced off from the public and is still considered an active crime scene. According to Excelsior Springs Police Lieutenant Ryan Dowdy, the residence will remain under the control of law enforcement until it is determined to have no other evidentiary value.

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  1. No one in their right mind would consider a bond for this type of criminal. He needs to never be out in public again. He is a clear and present danger to civilized society.

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