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Family Sues School District for Middle School Bathroom Assault

Family sues school district for middle school bathroom assault
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A lawsuit has been filed against the Excelsior Springs School District by the family of a 14-year-old girl who was allegedly assaulted in a middle school bathroom. The family is seeking damages in excess of $15,000, sparking a legal struggle that raises questions about school safety and responsibility.

The incident in question occurred during the 2021-22 school year at Excelsior Springs Middle School, where the girl (Jane Doe), whose identity is being protected due to her age, was reportedly assaulted by other students in a school bathroom. The plaintiff stated that she had experienced bullying, harassment, and sexually abusive comments from peers for months and had made administrative offices aware of the bullying before the traumatic incident allegedly occurred. 

According to records filed on September 28, 2023, Jane Doe was lured into a restroom by a peer on April 11, 2022; upon entering, she was ambushed by a second student who grabbed her hair and began punching the back of her head violently. The plaintiff said she called for help but passed out on the floor due to injury before assistance could arrive. When a teacher arrived in the bathroom, Jane Doe was semi-conscious on the floor in the corner of the restroom, with the attackers standing over her. 

The teacher who entered the restroom told the students to stop what they were doing and told them to go back to their classrooms. Jane Doe was taken by another teacher to the nurse because her shoulders, head, and jaw were in serious pain. There, the nurse gave her an ice pack, and she was sent back to class. Jane Doe’s mother (Mary Doe), an Excelsior Springs School District employee at the time, was not informed of the incident until nearly an hour after it occurred. Upon finding out what had happened, Mary Doe took her daughter to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed with “closed head trauma” as a result of the alleged assault.

According to the lawsuit, the family alleges that the school district failed to provide adequate security measures and supervision to ensure the safety of students, allowing the assault to occur. They claim that the district’s negligence led to their daughter’s emotional and physical damage. Due to the incident, Jane Doe is no longer enrolled in Excelsior Springs School District, and it is not clear whether Mary Doe is still employed by the district. 

The plaintiffs in the case are seeking a trial by jury. The legal process is expected to unfold in the coming months as both parties prepare their arguments. The Excelsior Springs School District has yet to file any documents as a defendant in this suit and or make a statement to the public. As this lawsuit progresses, it will likely serve as a focal point for discussions on student safety, bullying, and the duty of care that schools owe to their students.

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