Excelsior Springs to Participate in Missouri Good Neighbor Week

September 18, 2022 – Missouri’s first annual Good Neighbor Week runs from September 28 through October 4, 2022.  All Missourians are encouraged to participate by doing and reporting an act of neighboring and nominating someone as a great example of neighboring. 

Missouri Governor Mike Parsons signed HB1738 on Friday, July 1, 2022, and Missouri became the first state to designate a whole week for celebrating neighbors. The bill’s language designated Missouri Good Neighbor Week starting on National Good Neighbor Day (Sept. 28) and continuing for six days.

David Burton, a community development specialist with the University of Missouri Extension, stated, “Developing relationships with our neighbors may provide a solution to our national epidemic of loneliness, isolation, and depression that so many have.  Start by learning your neighbors’ names.”

The City of Excelsior Springs will be participating in Missouri Good Neighbor Week through a social media campaign in collaboration with the University of Missouri Extension.  The campaign is attempting to document 10,000 acts of neighboring in the State of Missouri.  The best neighbors in every Missouri county will be recognized. 

“This is the perfect opportunity to say “Hi” and get to know your neighbors!” said Laura Mize, Neighborhood Specialist with the City of Excelsior Springs.  “If you know of someone who has done an act of neighboring, please nominate them through the University of Missouri Good Neighbor Week website or links on Facebook.  Some good ideas for doing an act of neighboring include helping a neighbor with a yard project, delivering a treat to a neighbor just because, or organizing a neighborhood get-together.”  Use #mogoodneighbors to connect to more resources.

The University of Missouri Extension and The Hopeful Neighborhood Project are working together to energize the celebration of Missouri Good Neighbor Week (Sept. 28 – Oct. 4) this year.

For more information contact Laura Mize, City of Excelsior Springs 816-629-7011

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