Excelsior Springs Residents Frustrated by Trash Collection Confusion and Delays

blue trash bin

Confusion and frustration continue to mount as trash collection services in the City of Excelsior Springs seem to fall apart. A series of missteps by Allied Waste has left hundreds of residents without timely trash collection, despite attempts by the City and residents to resolve the issues.

A Messy Situation Since August

The confusion began in early August when Allied Waste announced a change in trash pick-up schedules, stating that all residents would now have their trash collected on Tuesdays. The City of Excelsior Springs, which contracts with Allied Waste for trash and recyclables pickup, reported that the company has the contractual authority to make such changes. The rationale behind this move, according to the company, was to deliver better service by having more workers on the ground in each community.

However, the situation worsened at the end of August when a trash truck broke down, causing nearly 100 households to miss their trash pick-up, according to a map posted on the City’s Facebook page:

Labor Day Letdown

When Labor Day rolled around, it was announced that there would be a one-day delay in trash pick-up due to the holiday. Residents, acting in good faith, left their trash out on Wednesday, but for many, the day ended without their trash being picked up. Residents were asked to wait another day but took to social media en masse on Friday, September 8, 2023, seeking answers.

Unresponsive and Unresolved

Excelsior Citizen reached out to the Excelsior Springs Public Works Department for an update. Director Chad Birdsong stated that Allied Waste had not been responsive to their inquiries. The department estimates that approximately 200 residents were affected, many of whom still have not had their trash picked up.

Despite attempts to contact Allied Waste, including leaving messages with their dispatcher and exchanging text messages with Sales Representative Tyler Riordan, no substantive response has been received. Riordan assured that he would reach out to his operational teams, but as of 6:00 pm, trash had still not been picked up in many areas.

Upcoming Meeting Promises Some Resolution

The City of Excelsior Springs has announced that they will be meeting with Allied Waste this coming week to resolve the ongoing issues. While the goal of improving services is commendable, the execution by Allied Waste has left much to be desired, straining the patience of Excelsior Springs residents. It remains to be seen how the City and Allied Waste will clean up this growing mess.

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