Excelsior Springs Police Department Celebrates Excellence at Annual Awards Banquet

Officer Robertson and Officer Baxter receive a tenure service award from Chief Gregory Dull
Officer Robertson and Baxter who had been long-time members of the Department, recently became sworn officers and on Friday they received Tenure Service Awards (submitted).

The Excelsior Springs Police Department (ESPD) hosted its annual awards banquet this past Friday, February 2, 2024, at the Golf Hill Grille, located within the Excelsior Springs golf course clubhouse. The event, an intimate gathering for officers, staff, and their immediate families, was a night to remember, celebrating the remarkable achievements of the department’s finest over the past year.

The evening commenced with the Professional Achievement Award, honoring Communications Officer Amanda Brownlee for her academic success. Brownlee was recognized for earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology, showcasing the department’s commitment to continued education and professional development.

Sgt Cramer receiving the Top Shot Award from Chief Gregory Dull
Sgt. Cassie Cramer-Stocks accepting her Top Shot Award from Chief Gregory Dull (submitted).

The Firearm Proficiency Award was presented next to officers who reached a 100% score in the recent Firearms Qualification Course. Capt. Robert Warner, Lt. Ryan Dowdy, and Reserve Sergeants Bret Rider and Joe Cline excelled in both handgun and patrol rifle qualifications. Additionally, Sergeant Cassie Cramer-Stocks, along with Sergeant Kyle Craven, Corporal Josh Hyatt, Officer Trevor Chaffee, and Officer Caleb Anderson, achieved perfect scores in the patrol rifle qualification. Notably, Sergeant Cramer-Stocks was honored with the inaugural “Top Shot” award for her exceptional marksmanship, demonstrating the highest accuracy and skill among her peers. 

The Life Saving Award highlighted the heroic actions of Reserve Sergeant Rider, Corporal Josh Hyatt, and Officer Secilia Sanchez. These officers were celebrated for their life-saving interventions in critical situations, including a harrowing structure fire rescue and two medical emergencies where their quick thinking and decisive actions saved lives.

Officer Anderson received a Special Unit Citation Award from Chief Gregory Dull
Officer Caleb Anderson accepting his certificate as part of the Special Unit Citation Award (submitted).

The Special Unit Citation Award recognized the collective efforts of Lt. Dowdy, Reserve Sergeant Rider, Officer Sanchez, and Officer Caleb Anderson for their exemplary response to a dangerous domestic disturbance. Their strategic and compassionate handling of a volatile situation resulted in a peaceful resolution and underscored the importance of teamwork and leadership under pressure.

Lt. Jeremiah Renne received the Meritorious Service Award for his pivotal role in developing and building the department’s new firearms training range. His initiative and dedication significantly enhanced the department’s training capabilities, setting a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness.

Lt Jeremiah Renne receives the Meritorious Award from Chief Gregory Dull
Lt. Renne took home the Meritorious Service Award (submitted).

The evening culminated with the Officer of the Year Award, bestowed upon Sergeant Samantha Nash-St. John. Her dedication, courage, and commitment to the community were celebrated, marking her as a role model within the department and the community she serves.

Sgt Nash-St. John and Chief Dull Officer presenting Officer of the Year Award
Sgt. Nash-St. John was surprised and delighted to receive the inaugural Officer of the Year Award (submitted).

The annual awards banquet not only recognized individual and collective achievements but also reinforced the ESPD’s dedication to excellence, bravery, and service. Each award recipient’s story exemplifies the department’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of law enforcement and community engagement.

*Note: Due to the sensitive nature of cases officers were involved in, some awards ceremony details were omitted.

Corporal Hyatt receives Life Saving Awards from Chief Gregory Dull
Corporal Hyatt was honored with a Life Saving Award (submitted).
Corporal Linard receives the Commedation Award from Chief Gregory Dull
Corporal Linard accepts the Commendation Award (submitted).

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