Excelsior Springs Performing Arts Center Delights Audiences with Neil Simon’s “Rumors”

Actors onstage performing Neil Simon's "Rumors" play production at Excelsior Springs High School

Excelsior Springs Performing Arts Center presented Neil Simon’s “Rumors”, a farce set in Sneden’s Landing, New York in 1988 this weekend. Directed by Jeff Haney with technical direction by Xavier Robles and Julia Ubert, the play was a hit with audiences.

“Rumors” is one of Simon’s most celebrated comedies, and this production was no exception. The cast brought their characters to life with humor and energy. Mateya Figueroa played Chris Gorman, Isaiah Bruley played Ken Gorman, Rebecca McDade played Claire Ganz, and Cole Dickey played Lenny Ganz. Other cast members included Brody Hurla as Ernie Cusack, Kate Houck as Cookie Cusack, Cristian Canales as Glen Cooper, Em Rice as Cassie Cooper, Maddox Stewart as Officer Welch, and Jena Redmon as Officer Pudney.

Behind the scenes, a talented crew worked tirelessly to bring the play to life. Lydia McLean served as the stage manager, Kassandra Isenhour as assistant stage manager, and Annalise Selby as the lighting designer and board operator. Cole Dickey was the sound designer, with Katelin Mansell as the sound board operator and Wesley Johnson as the audio assistant. Natalee Hardesty worked as stage crew, while Madelynn Johnson served as the make-up lead and designer, with Madyline Wood and Brooke McAfee as the make-up crew. Jerusha Oliphant and Sohalia Davis led the costume crew.

The production also relied on the hard work of the Scenic Construction and Scenic Design Students. A total of 68 students contributed to the scenic design, including Aailyah Fanning, Ahlonah Fraley, Alinah Dodd, Andrew DeOrnellis, Blake Barber, Braedyn Sejkora, Brody Hurla, Brooke McAfee, Cade Leonhard, Candace Cali, Cayden Tackett, Chris Fancella, Cole Dicky, Colin McCartney, Colson Moore, Colt Bell, Daniel King, Domenick Thomas, Dominick Verhelle, Emily Wing, Emma Hill, Emma Pettit, Ericka Perks, Ethan Sams, Ethan Williams, Evin Collins, Gage Simmons, Gavin Wilmes, Graci Fry, Gracie Beasley, Gunnar Scrivener, Hailey Williams, Hayden Harter, Issah McGinnis, Isabel Jack, Jace Schmitz, Jackson Holmes, Jacob Marts, Jae Brown, Jena Redmon, Jor-EL Roseburr, Juan Chapa, Kaden Helms, Kali Washburn, Karli Shipman, Katherine White, Kimberly Crowley, Lainey Jackson, Lantana Adair, Luke Lynn, Lydia McLean, Madelynn Johnson, Makenzie Rozell, Mary Douglas, Matthew Rebello, Mia Chapa, Natalinn Moore, Nolan Greim, Presley Holman, Presley O’Neil, Regan Keeley, Richard Lindsey, Samantha Shue, Sean Kephart, Shayla Sellers, Syndney Jarvis, Trent Craven, Trever Stanton, Tyson Solberg, Wesley McCubbin, and Will Vivian.

Special thanks went out to several individuals and sponsors, including Julie Houck, Gregg Mosser, Sherie Renne, Ventana Gourmet Grill, American Family Insurance Jeff Hocker Agency, Troy Snelling, Other Trails Coffeeshop and Goods, and Ray’s Lunch. Their support helped make the production possible.

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