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Excelsior Springs High School Recognizes Academic Excellence

Just a few of the many students who received academic awards on April 18, 2024. See more below (photo courtesy Harlan's ESHS Activity Shots on Facebook).

Excelsior Springs, MO – Excelsior Springs High School held its annual academic awards night on April 18th to celebrate outstanding academic achievements by students throughout the past year.

Academic Lettering

The ceremony began by recognizing seniors from the Class of 2024 who earned academic letters awarded to students maintaining a GPA of 3.6 or higher. The honorees are:

  • Chloe Albertson
  • Izabel Jack
  • Alayna Baxter
  • Addison Jackson
  • Bailee Baxter
  • Lydia McLean
  • Kayleah Bell
  • Cade Leonhard
  • Tristen Bennett
  • Serenity Lewis
  • Jason Besherse
  • Kane Marker
  • Alyssa Betts
  • Zeb McBee
  • Jadyn Biermann
  • Connor McClanahan
  • Colt Bowman
  • Madilynn McClanahan
  • Jacob Bright
  • Regan Keeley
  • Bailey Carder
  • Brinley Moser
  • Chloe Carlyle
  • Klarissa Newton
  • Kimberly Crowley
  • Baylee O’Dell
  • Paige Crowley
  • Alani Price
  • Carly Dolt
  • Reese Roberts
  • Shayla Foster
  • Brooke Ross
  • Lillie George
  • Braedyn Sekora
  • Jackson Hartwick
  • Rayne Taylor
  • Tanya Hladky-Bly
  • Levi Turner
  • Jaylenn Hudlemeyer
  • Mason Wartner
  • Jada Isenhour
  • Caroline Wenz
  • Braylissa Whitworth

Juniors in the class of 2025 receiving an academic letter:

  • Madeline Andreasen
  • Jacob Falconer
  • Maycie McLaughlin
  • Docia Bailey
  • Joshua Goodman
  • Madelyn Meredith
  • Deagan Barber
  • Brice Gould
  • Luke Milledge
  • Gracie Beasley
  • Grayson Grove
  • Izabella Morgan
  • Jayden Bennett
  • Kaitlyn Harris
  • Ava Morton
  • Cooper Bishop
  • Audrey Ishmael
  • Dakota Nafzinger
  • Ellyssa Blesing
  • Tayvion Kennedy
  • Hayden O’Dell
  • Carter Borchert
  • Riley Llewellyn
  • Reese O’Dell
  • Keelin Brewer
  • Lily Long
  • Silas O’Dell
  • Dylan Carter
  • Libbie Lowery
  • Hailey Penniston
  • Mackenzie Cole
  • Katelin Mansell
  • Cole Rhine
  • Austin Collins
  • Ryne Marcum
  • Megan Riegel
  • Jacob Davis
  • Cameron Marrant
  • Addison Rubey
  • Jack Dearing
  • Hunter Marsch
  • Scottie Schwab
  • Makenzie Donovan
  • Addison Mathews
  • Lundyn Smith
  • Sidney Donovan
  • Abby Mayfield
  • Malaya Tedesco
  • Jessica Elling-White
  • Rebecca McDade

Sophomores  in the class of 2026 receiving an academic letter:

  • Owen Andreasen
  • Cameron Harris
  • Kayden Rogers
  • Kaelan Bedford
  • Makenzie Hatfield
  • Kinley Rogers
  • Regan Bishop
  • Brookelynn Hobbs
  • Keira Romazon
  • Kate Houck
  • Willa Schreier
  • Jameson Bright
  • Emory Kiehl
  • Gabby Scrivener
  • Josie Caster
  • Adriana Circo
  • Cruz Lloyd
  • Evelyn Selby
  • Addison Collins
  • Bella Loeffert
  • Lillah Shue
  • Adrien Crawley
  • Madison Lefebvre
  • Shane Strack
  • Henry Crowley
  • Wyatt Lynn
  • Katelynn Stroud
  • Quinlynn Davis
  • Melia McKown
  • Jade Tompkins
  • Stephen Davis
  • Addison Meyers
  • Drake VanVacter
  • Nick Dunker
  • Joseph Nelson-Bohannon
  • Cameron Wansing
  • Nico Galindo
  • Brody Phillips
  • Niko Wells
  • Gaige Haddock
  • Jordin Price
  • Mya Williams
  • Natalee Hardesty
  • Conrad Purnell
  • Clarajade Wilson

ACT Scores
Students with exceptionally high ACT scores were recognized:

  • Madeline Andreasen
  • Chloe Albertson
  • Chloe Carlyle
  • Jackson Doty
  • Jacob Goodman
  • Florian Smith
  • Izabel Jack
  • Caroline Wenz
  • Reese O’Dell
  • Katelin Mansell
  • Riley Llewellyn
  • Kimberly Crowley
  • Jonathan Rohrer
  • Elyssa Blesing
  • Daniel Konrardy
  • Joshua Goodman
  • Caleb Harrington
  • Hailey Penniston
  • Luke Milledge
  • Cole Rhine

Jack Dearing was singled out for achieving a near-perfect score in the math section of the ACT.

EOC Testing Superstars

Top performers in various End-of-Course (EOC) exams were also recognized:

  • Government EOC: Jacob Goodman, Brody Hurla, Connor McClanahan, Sam Gillihan, Tanner Haight, Kayleah Bell, Klarissa Newton, Caroline Wenz, Ryan Berry, Levi Turner
  • English 1 EOC: Nicholas Dunker, Mackenzie Hatfield, Regan Bishop, Addison Bailey, Kinley Rogers, Owen Andreasen, Josie Casler, Cruz Lloyd, Katie Houck, Willa Schreier, Clarajade Wilson
  • English 2 EOC: Rebecca McDade, Joshua Goodman, Audrey Ishmael, Madeline Andreasen, Jack Dearing, Riley Llewellyn, Erika Novitski, Reese O’Dell, Hailey Penniston, Jayden Bennett, Ellyssa Blesing, Megan Riegel, Jonathan Rohrer
  • Algebra 1 EOC: Jack Dearing, Madeline Andreasen, Cheryl Gore, Grayson Grove, Riley Llewellyn, Rebecca McDade, Ella Edwards, Dakota Brustkern, Amelia Harris, Ellyssa Blesing, Hayden O’Dell, Jonathan Rohrer, Madison Breshears, Hailey McDade, Gabriel O’Dell, Lane Overholtzer, Olivia VanDierendonk
  • Biology EOC: Joshua Goodman, Rebecca McDade, Hayden O’Dell, Madeline Andreasen, Christian Brayfield, Grayson Grove, Riley Llewellyn, Cooper Bishop, Ellyssa Blesing, Jack Dearing, Jackson Doty, Cole Rhine, Florian Smith
  • Geometry EOC: Regan Bishop, Nicholas Dunker, Kinley Rogers, Owen Andreasen, Cameron Harris, Alexander Bullard, Josie Casler, Henry Crowley, Willa Schreier, Cruz Lloyd, Lillah Shue

PSAT-NMSQT Recognition

The ceremony concluded by recognizing Nick Dunker and Jack Dearing for their outstanding scores on the PSAT-NMSQT college board test.

Congratulations to all the students who received academic awards this year!

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