Excelsior Springs Establishments Honored with Food Safety Excellence Awards

Excelsior Springs Food Safety Excellence Award Winners 2022

Clay County Public Health Center has recently unveiled the recipients of the esteemed Food Safety Excellence Awards for their exceptional efforts in 2022. These awards serve to commend food establishments that consistently uphold the Clay County Food Code, exhibit outstanding food safety practices, and achieve exceptional inspection results throughout the year.

To be eligible for this recognition, establishments must meet several stringent criteria, including operating without repeated violations, requiring no follow-up inspections, and having no confirmed cases of food-borne illnesses. The establishments that meet these high standards are lauded for their commitment to clean and healthy food service.

Robert Gilliland, the section chief of Environmental Health Protection, expressed his appreciation for the diligent efforts put forth by the food establishments. “While most Clay County food establishments consistently adhere to high food safety standards, we take pride in recognizing those that consistently demonstrate their dedication to maintaining clean and healthy food service,” said Gilliland. “The trained food employees and managers in these establishments ensure safe and enjoyable dining experiences for Clay County residents and visitors alike.”

In 2022, the Environmental Health Protection section of Clay County Public Health Center conducted an impressive total of 1,432 routine food establishment inspections, 244 temporary food event inspections, and investigated 109 food-related complaints. The recipients of this year’s awards represent the top 15% of establishments overseen by the Clay County Public Health Center.

Among the honorees are several esteemed establishments in Excelsior Springs that have demonstrated a commitment to food safety excellence. These establishments have not only met but surpassed the stringent criteria, making them deserving recipients of this esteemed recognition.

The Excelsior Springs establishments that have been awarded the Food Safety Excellence Awards in 2022 include:

  1. Cornerstone Elementary
  2. Clay-Ray Veterans Association
  3. Dubious Claims Brewing Co.
  4. Excelsior Springs High School
  5. Excelsior Springs Hospital
  6. Excelsior Springs Senior Center
  7. Inn on Crescent Lake
  8. Lewis Elementary (received the award for 3 or more years in a row)
  9. Meet the Need Opportunity Cafe and Coffee
  10. Other Trails
  11. Pizza Hut #023828
  12. Price Chopper (Bakery)
  13. Ray’s Diner
  14. Sonic Drive-In
  15. Tiger Bowl
  16. Ventana Gourmet Grill/Bakery
  17. Wellness Café – ES Community Center

These establishments have not only proven their dedication to ensuring the highest standards of food safety and sanitation but have consistently delivered exceptional dining experiences to their patrons. Their recognition as recipients of the Food Safety Excellence Awards for 2022 stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Clay County Public Health Center commends these establishments for their outstanding achievements and encourages them to continue prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of their customers. By setting a remarkable example, these establishments contribute to a healthier and safer dining landscape in Excelsior Springs.

Clay County Public Health Center looks forward to another year of collaboration with local establishments, working together to ensure the health and safety of the community through their commitment to food safety excellence.

The Center has also published a list of all of the food award winners throughout the County on their website.

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