Excelsior Springs Community Center Phase II Progress Update

Community Center May 2023 Progress from Skyvuer Imagery
All photos in this story are courtesy of Skyvuer Imagery

The highly anticipated Aquatic Center at the Excelsior Springs Community Center project is well underway, and significant progress has been made over the past week. The community can look forward to exciting updates and improvements to the facility, as outlined below from Special Projects Manager Jesse Hall.

Last week, the dedicated team of workers continued their efforts to transform the community center. Here are the key accomplishments:

  1. Multi-Use Field Leveling: The leveling process for the multi-use field progressed steadily, ensuring a smooth and safe playing surface for various recreational and school activities.
  2. Pool Deck Excavation: Excavation work around the pool deck was carried out, laying the foundation for future enhancements and additions.
  3. Installation of Shade Structure Fabric: The installation of shade structure fabric began, which will provide a comfortable and sheltered area for visitors to enjoy the outdoor amenities.
  4. Concrete Pours: Concrete pours on site continued, reinforcing the foundation
  5. Parking Lot Curbs: Curbs for the parking lot were poured, marking the boundaries and creating a new space for vehicles.
  6. Parking Lot Asphalt Layer: The initial layer of asphalt for the parking lot was laid
  7. Gas and Electric Line Installation: Progress was made in installing gas and electric lines at the pool site, ensuring proper utility connections for future operations.
  8. Electrical Installations: Electrical work commenced for the installation of light poles and security cameras in the new parking lot, enhancing safety and security measures.

Looking ahead, there is much to anticipate as Phase II of the community center project continues to unfold. The following activities are scheduled for the upcoming week:

  1. Final Layer of Asphalt will be Completed
  2. Parking Lot Striping: The striping process will be carried out to designate parking spaces and optimize traffic flow within the parking lot.
  3. Final Concrete Pours: Concrete pouring is scheduled to take place at various locations throughout the site, adding the finishing touches to the aquatic center’s infrastructure.
  4. Practice Field Preparation: The practice field will be shot and final grading will commence.
  5. Backfilling of Parking Lot Curbs: The curbs at the parking lot will be backfilled, enhancing their stability.
  6. Continued Shade Structure Work
  7. Onsite Fence Company: A professional fence company is scheduled to be onsite.

With these upcoming developments, the Excelsior Springs Community Center Phase II project is taking significant strides towards its completion. The community can eagerly anticipate the enhanced amenities and improved facilities that will soon be available.

Stay tuned for further updates as Excelsior Springs continues to invest in the well-being and enjoyment of its residents through this remarkable Community Center project.

Progress on the parking lot expansion. Photos courtesy of Skyvuer Imagery.

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