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Excelsior Springs City Council Recap: July 18, 2022

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Agenda points for the Excelsior Springs Council Meeting on July 18, 2022, included:

  1. Public Hearing No. 2 for 2019 Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester #2 Project & 2019 Jesse James Road Street Improvements/Miller Cabinets Project
  2. Presentation – Downtown Visitation Analysis for 2nd Quarter of 2022
  3. Presentation – Update on 353 Projects
  4. Consideration of Chapter 400 Zoning Code Amendments – Ordinance No. 22-07-01
  5. Consideration of Rezoning 1403 N Jesse James Rd – Ordinance No. 22-07-02
  6. Consideration of Agreement for Community Center Outdoor Aquatics Project – Ordinance No. 22-07-03
  7. Consideration of Agreement with Navitas for Phase II – Resolution No. 1361
  8. Consideration of Section 504 of 1973 Rehabilitation Act Policy – Resolution No. 1362
  9. Consideration of Section 504/ADA Grievance Procedure – Resolution No. 1363
  10. Consideration of Golf Cart Purchase for Police Department – Resolution No. 1364
  11. Consideration of Amendment to the Purchasing Policy – Ordinance No. 22-07-04
  12. Consideration of Appropriations – Ordinance No. 22-07-05
  13. Remarks – City Manager
  14. Remarks – City Council
  15. Remarks – Mayor
  16. Adjourn

See the full agenda below:

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