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Excelsior Springs Chamber’s Westside Committee Forms CID

Last Updated on January 15, 2023 by Excelsior Citizen

Business Owner Mark Riles speaks at Chamber's Westside CID listening post
69 Storage business owner Mark Riles speaks at a Listening Post for business owners at Chuck Anderson Ford on January 10, 2023.
Photo by Courtney Cole.

No one will argue that the downtown of Excelsior Springs has gone through drastic improvements, generating more tourism and economy to the community as a whole over the past ten years. This was possible through the partnership of the downtown businesses themselves, by creating a Community Improvement District, also known as a “CID.” CIDs are special taxing districts that collect revenue within a specific geographical boundary. These collected funds can then be used to pay for public facilities, improvements, or services. Seeing the benefit that it has brought our downtown, the Excelsior Springs Chamber of Commerce’s Westside Committee has worked for years now to form a Westside CID partnership between the westside business owners.

The Chamber held a public listening post for the westside businesses on Wednesday, January 10, 2023 at Chuck Anderson Ford. During this post Jennifer Baird with Lauber Municipal Law, LLC was in attendance to answer questions from the group. Baird is the same attorney who worked with the downtown businesses in forming their CID and is familiar with the community’s needs.

Excelsior Springs Chamber of Commerce’s Director Brian Rice opened the meeting thanking those who had worked for so long to now see this district formed specifically naming the Westside Committee: Melissa Simmons, Abi Douglas, Stephen Chalmers, Jesse Harris, Joy Day, and Chamber President Bill Westerheide. Also instrumental in the success of this formation has been City Manager Molly McGovern and City Economic Development Director Melinda Mehaffy, who were in attendance.

Rice explained that the CID will propose to collect a 1% sales tax on retail purchases within the taxing district boundary lines, which is comprised of a little over 70 businesses on the west side. The Chamber’s vision is for the area to be a walkable, more marketable district that would also connect both sides of Excelsior Springs through street improvements. Also noted was that the 27 year CID’s funds will be part of a match of $4 million dollars for the US Department of Treasury’s RAISE Grant that has awarded the community with $21.5 million grant funds to construct roadway and intersection improvements, sidewalks and shared-use paths, and enhancements of streetscapes, all within the CID’s district. The City was seventh overall in the nation of those awarded.

Westside CID Brainstorm of ideas that the funding could be spent on.

There were many ideas that were floated throughout the meeting, but the decisions on what exactly the funds will be used for will be for the CID’s board of directors left to determine after working with the business owners. In order to be a board member you are required to be a Missouri resident for 1 year, are 21 years or older, and be a property owner or agent. While residences are allowed to be included in CIDs, the Chamber’s application does not include any residences. The petition has a five year plan and budget that the Chamber will manage and administer. The CID organizers will work with the Clay County Election Board to mail ballots to all property owners within the district to vote. The district also has to have the approval of the city council.

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