For more than forty years Dr. Pete Rucker and the Excelsior Springs Animal Clinic have served the community of Excelsior Springs and the surrounding areas with quality care for pets and wildlife. The Clinic was opened in 1972 by Dr. Ed Piepergerdes. Dr. Rucker joined him in 1978 and then became a partner a few years later. Rucker, who took full ownership of the Animal Clinic in 2008, has watched his practice grow over the decades, and he knew that in order to best serve the community the facilities needed to expand. At the same time, he has been inching his way towards retirement, adding staff and experts who he knew would carry on his legacy of compassionate care for the animals of Excelsior Springs. When the property that was formerly Annie’s Furniture became available, he made the decision to give a lasting gift back to our community.

Dr. Rucker said that when he thought of the construction project from the perspective of ‘how does this help me?’ it didn’t make much sense, but when he shifted his focus and thought about ‘how will this impact the community” he knew what had to be done. “This community has done so much for me and my family, I wanted to do something to give back,” he said. He said he wanted to build something that the community could be proud of and to show Excelsior Springs “they don’t have to settle for second best.” So, Dr. Rucker and his team built a first-rate facility. They hired TerWisscha Construction, Inc., a company that specializes in the construction of veterinary and medical facilities to help design and oversee the project, and the end results are nothing less that spectacular.

Dr. Jessica Gardner, the medical director and heir apparent for the Animal Clinic said “Dr. Rucker has been my mentor for more than twenty years. He’s given so much to this community, much more than most people realize. His actions and this new facility will leave an incredible legacy for Excelsior Springs.” As a graduate of the vaunted University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Gardner has seen some of the best veterinary clinics in the region. “Not to disparage anyone else, but our facilities are are by far the nicest I’ve seen since I was in veterinary school,” she said.

As amazing as the clinic is now, there’s still plenty of room to grow in their new space. Dr. Gardner says some of the ideas they’ve discussed include housing veterinary interns/students in their upstairs apartment and expanding their kennel. But for now, Dr. Rucker and the rest of the team at Excelsior Springs Animal Clinic are settling in and enjoying their great new space.

Excelsior Springs Animal Clinic is located at 1740 US-69, Excelsior Springs, MO.
Phone: (816) 637-5612

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