ESSD to Receive $200,000 School Safety Grant

ESSD Safety Grant

Excelsior Springs School District Receives $200,000 from State’s School Safety Round II Grant Awards

Excelsior Springs, MO – Excelsior Springs School District is among the 566 recipients in the state who have been awarded grant funding as part of the School Safety Round II Grant Awards for the Fiscal Year 2024. Governor Mike Parson made the announcement on October 2, 2023, highlighting the $50 million expansion of the School Safety Reimbursement Grant Program.

The district has been awarded $200,000, falling shy of the maximum grant amount of $300,000. The funds aim to support safety improvements within schools, including upgrades in physical security, technology enhancements, as well as public health.

In an interview with the district’s deputy superintendent, Mark Bullimore, he shared details on how the awarded grant would be utilized within the Excelsior Springs School District.

“In our grant application, we outlined the need for impact-resistant film on main glass areas, such as entryways and Cornerstone hallways, as an added layer of security. Our Cornerstone building, in particular, has several glass hallways that needed attention,” Bullimore explained.

He also said the district plans to establish a secure entryway wall in the Cornerstone building to prevent unauthorized access into the administrative offices. This safety design has already been incorporated into the new Lewis building and will be replicated in Cornerstone.

While the district had applied for the maximum grant amount of $300,000, Bullimore remarked, “Receiving $200,000 is certainly a boon. We’ll prioritize the funds toward the impact-resistant film, revamping the entryways, the Cornerstone hallways, and the security wall. Our goal is to ensure the utmost safety for our students.”

When asked about the timeline for implementing these safety measures, Bullimore confirmed that it would be executed within this fiscal year. “We’re currently in the process of obtaining updated estimates. Once we have them, we’ll determine the next steps. The project’s duration will depend on several factors, including potential RFP processes and the companies’ schedules, especially given the high demand for these upgrades. However, the objective is to complete the work within the school year.”

The School Safety Round II Grant Awards is an initiative to bolster schools’ security infrastructure and readiness across the state. As districts like Excelsior Springs School District begin the process of utilizing these funds, it underscores the collective effort toward the safety of students and staff.

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