ESPD Get Confession and Weapon in Local Murder Case

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September 18, 2022 – More details have emerged from the September 7, 2022 homicide of Theresa Bass in Excelsior Springs, MO. In documents filed with the Clay County court system, it was revealed that the Excelsior Springs Police Department received a 911 call from Theresa’s daughter saying that her mother had been shot and that the shooter was Keith Bass, Theresa’s estranged husband. Upon arrival at the scene, officers found Theresa on the front porch, “bleeding profusely” and her friend Bobby Neal Jr. lying in the doorway, partially inside the home with a severe injury to his face.

Two of Theresa’s children were present on the scene and again stated that the shooter was their stepfather, Keith Bass. EMS arrived on the scene and transported both Theresa and Bobby to Liberty Hospital. When ESPD arrived at Liberty Hospital they were informed that Theresa had died of her injuries. An ESPD officer was able to speak to Bobby Neal Jr. who also said that he and Theresa had been shot by Keith Bass. Neal Jr. was taken into emergency surgery and placed in a medically induced coma. 

A co-worker of Keith Bass, who had spoken with Keith said that he admitted to her that he had killed his wife and told her he, “had nothing to live for.” At that time Keith’s location was unknown. As it was reported earlier Keith was arrested 12 hours later (9/7/22 12:38 PM) by the Floyd County Texas Sheriff’s Department near Floydada, TX, after waiving down a local police officer and turning himself in. 

Just this week, two Excelsior Springs officers went to Texas to interview Keith Bass at which time they received a formal confession and took possession of the weapon that was used in the crime. Officers also processed the car Keith had been driving for any additional evidence. “We have a strong case,” said ESPD Police Chief Gregory Dull. The Clay County Sheriff’s Department will handle the extradition back to Missouri.

A screenshot of the Gofundme Page for Theresa’s family

A fundraising effort has been established for the family of Theresa Bass to help with expenses that the family is facing for her funeral and beyond. Theresa was taken from her five children, Derek, Jada, Makaya, Kiera, and Marquez, who now have to find a way to move forward. Go HERE to make a contribution to Theresa’s GoFundme campaign.

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