ESMS Student Council Empowers Students to Make a Positive Impact

There’s no disguising the great leadership qualities of the ESMS STUCO members! (submitted).

Excelsior Springs Middle School has been making great strides in improving student morale and school spirit, thanks in large part to the efforts of the student council and the dedicated teachers who support them. The student council is made up of student leaders who have been working hard to organize various activities and events throughout the school year. Committee leaders run student council meetings every Tuesday, sharing ideas while building their confidence.

ESMS STUCO members at Missouri Association of Student Council (MASC) meeting (submitted).

The Newspaper Committee announces recognitions and highlights student work, ensuring that everyone feels valued and recognized. The Spirit and Social Committee organizes fun events like dances, assemblies, and spirit weeks to bring the school community together and foster school spirit. Della Andreasen, one of the leaders of the Newspaper Committee, said, “We have raised money and helped support our school and give a voice to our students and their needs.” Andreasen also said she has learned valuable management and teamwork skills as well as how to speak confidently in front of others.

The Teacher and Student Recognition Committee recognize the contributions of teachers and students’ achievements by surprising them with treats or certificates. They also plan holiday fundraisers such as candy cane grams and boo grams to help contribute to student events such as dances. So far this school year, the student council has organized three successful dances with fun activities, thanks in part to the generous support of the PTO. Mason Barney is a member of the Teacher and Student Recognition committee and said, “It has helped me change the way I think about school.” Barney said he’s now excited to go to school each day and is happy to help set up important school activities such as dances and assemblies.

Student recognition helps send a message that positive behaviors and attitudes make a difference! (submitted).

The student council has also been active in community service, collecting over 1200 items for the Harvesters Food Drive to support needy families. The student council attended the Missouri Association of Student Council (MASC) meeting and learned some great ideas from other schools. They also attended the Northland Youth Summit Leadership Conference to develop new ideas for the future.

Teachers at the Middle School have noticed a marked improvement in the attitudes and behavior of the students since the renewed launch of Student Council in the fall of 2022. Science Teacher, Candace Johnson said members of STUCO have taken on more leadership roles, which has helped to boost the overall sense of pride and community at the school. Gina Calvin adds that the student council has given students a voice and the opportunity to take on more responsibility, which has been empowering and motivating for many of her students. Finally, Brock Nessa highlighted the importance of assemblies and other positive activities in creating a welcoming, active atmosphere at the school. 

Some of the ideas STUCO members shared for the future include more assemblies, more dances, mixers for all grades, movie nights, a “crush for your crush” Valentine’s Day gram, kindness posters, additional teacher appreciation perks such as coffee, donuts, candy, and notes, and hopefully a spring carnival. Lexus Lowe, a member of the Spirit and Social committee, said, “Student Council has improved the student body tremendously. The Student Council has made kids feel more comfortable at school as well as made them more social.”

The Excelsior Springs Middle School Student Council has certainly been working hard to foster a positive, inclusive environment and make a meaningful impact on the school community. Their efforts have brought the school together, raised morale, and created a sense of pride and community among students and staff alike.

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