ESHS Football Team

ES Football Players Tackle Community Projects

This past week in Excelsior Springs over 80 high school and middle school football players participated in the school’s annual summer youth camp. During this time coaches set two days aside for the students to tackle community projects, giving community organizations an opportunity to get a helping hand. This year, due to June storms, there were many in the community needing help in clearing out brush at their residences.

Citizen Peggy Jones said, “Thank you for cleaning my driveway!”

Director for the Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives, Kathy Duncan, said of the students efforts, “They moved office furniture, including a heavy corner desk, and large copy machine from the front of the bank to an office in the back on the Francis side. We’ll be installing a gift shop up front. It was great to get their help on a long delayed project.”

Sara Noblet, Director of Good Samaritan Center, said, “The ES Football team showed up on Thursday to help restock the “on deck” and pantry area for our busy Commodity Friday! What usually takes one volunteer all day to do, was done very quickly with almost 50 boys! We appreciate all the hard work they put in.”

Players shared their feelings about the day:

Amani Robinson said, “I just think it is great to be able to give back to the community that supports us.”

Jamon Mclaughlin said, “It was very cool to do. Especially whenever we all came together and did multiple 3 hour jobs in 30 minutes. I love helping people out that need it and I’m sure the rest of my boys do also. It was an honor!”

Jacob Smith said, “It was a great experience that we can give back to the community who comes out to support us on Friday nights.”

Chance Moreland said, “It means a lot being able to give back to the community that does so much for us. My teammates and I are excited for this season so it only felt right to help out the people of Excelsior Springs. This community is very tight knit and doing this was a great opportunity to show that. I hope that the community comes out to support the Tigers this year and I hope that we can put a good product on the field fo them to cheer for!”

Lukas Shelton said, “I love helping out my community, and being able to make people smile.”

Dacey Hall said, “It means a lot to me to give back to the community that believes in us as a football team and supports us through all different kinds of ways. The tour through the museum was definitely a bonus!

Homeowner Nikole Campbell said of the players help, “They helped us clean up a big tree that came down in the storm. They toted wheelbarrow after wheel barrow out of our back yard. And they were smiling and laughing, and engaging Aubree (daughter) in the fun and work. They even picked up snakes and chased each other around! They had such great attitudes! Very thankful for these wonderful guys!”

ESHS Football Team

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