Empowering Clay County Through Conflict Resolution and Family Support

Youth in circle for group counseling

Clay County’s Office of Dispute Resolution & Family Court Programs stands as a beacon of hope and support for its residents. Established in 1995, the Seventh Circuit Office of Dispute Resolution Services (ODRS) has been instrumental in offering alternative dispute resolution services in civil proceedings, showcasing a steadfast commitment to justice, informed decision-making, and nurturing public trust in the judicial system.

A Journey of Growth and Service

Over the years, ODRS has evolved, expanding its reach and deepening its impact. Collaborating with numerous community-based agencies, it has enhanced services to youth and families, especially through its partnership with the Clay County Juvenile Office since 1998. The program’s recent expansion is a testament to its success, now offering services to families and individuals beyond the justice system.

Tailored Mediation and Community Programs

At the core of ODRS’s success is a team of experienced mediators, dedicated to fostering mutually beneficial solutions through effective communication and negotiation. Recognizing the uniqueness of each conflict, they tailor their programs to meet specific client needs, offering a range of services from mediation and family court programs to community initiatives.

Call for Volunteers: Mentorship and More

Program Coordinator Umeme Battle spearheads a new mediator program, inviting volunteers to become mentors and seeking referrals for mentees. This mentor program, open to all youth in the Clay County metropolitan area, underscores the commitment to nurturing the next generation. Prospective mentors, with a good driving history, will undergo a two-hour training, committing to a six-month mentorship period.

Free Programming for Residents

ODRS prides itself on offering free programs for Clay County residents. Highlighted programs include:

– Emotional Mayhem: A collaboration with The Nurtured Path, this course for 13-17 year olds focuses on emotional understanding and response to difficult situations.

– Boy’s Leadership Council: Addressing challenges faced by young men in modern society through experiential activities and discussions.

– Girls Circle: A structured support group empowering girls and young women aged 11-17, fostering personal growth and resilience.

– Substance Use Education Class: In partnership with Eric Hansen, LMSW, LMAC, CADC, this class aims at helping teens develop skills for healthy living and relapse prevention.

– Parenting Through Tough Times: Assisting parents in emotional management and effective parenting strategies, in collaboration with The Nurtured Path.

– Power Moves: A collaboration with Lyrik’s Institute, empowering young adults to reshape their future through a six-week program.

– Mother & Daughter Circle: Strengthening the bond between mothers and daughters during crucial transitional years.

The Office of Dispute Resolution & Family Court Programs in Clay County stands as a pillar of support and guidance. Through its comprehensive range of programs and dedicated team, it continues to forge a path towards a more harmonious, empowered, and resilient community. For more information or to participate in these life-changing programs, residents can contact the office directly or visit their website for registration details.

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