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Urban SketchersKC’s Artistic Exploration of Excelsior Springs

George Hague captures the chandeliers in the Hall of Springs (photo S Jason Cole).

This past Saturday, the streets and historic charms of Excelsior Springs, MO, were brought to life in a unique and colorful way thanks to the Urban Sketchers of Kansas City. This enthusiastic group of artists, a regional chapter of UrbanSketchers.org, met in the heart of the city, turning their creative lenses on the local scenery.

Gathering at Other Trails Coffee and Goods at 10 am, approximately seventeen members of UrbanSketchersKC embarked on a morning of exploration and creativity. With sketchbooks and brushes in hand, they spread out through the downtown area, each artist finding their muse in the city’s nooks and crannies.

For many, the historic Hall of Waters was a focal point. This architectural gem, steeped in history, offered an endless source of inspiration, from its Art Deco details to the stories embedded in its walls. The sketchers, ranging from beginners to seasoned artists, embraced the Urban Sketchers Manifesto, capturing the essence of Excelsior Springs through direct observation and personal interpretation.

The manifesto, which encourages drawing on location and being truthful to the scenes witnessed, was in full display as the artists captured the spirit of the city. From quick, expressive sketches to detailed studies, each piece told a story of a moment in time in Excelsior Springs.

What sets the Urban Sketchers apart is their commitment to sharing and supporting. Regardless of skill level, every member is encouraged to participate and grow in their art. The UrbanSketchersKC Facebook Group was full of activity on Saturday and Sunday as members posted their day’s work, offering digital galleries of diverse perspectives and styles.

For some members, this visit to Excelsior Springs was a familiar journey; for others, it was a first-time exploration. But for all, it was an opportunity to connect with the community, both local and within the group, and to see the world one drawing at a time.

At Noon, the sketchers reconvened at Other Trails, sharing their experiences and sketches. The atmosphere was abuzz with the joy of creation and the bond of shared interest. The Kansas City Urban Sketchers once again proved that art can be a powerful tool for connection, exploration, and storytelling, all while cherishing individual styles and experiences.

To learn more about UrbanSketchersKC, visit their Facebook Group or the UrbanSketchers website.

Urban SketchersKC

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