Covid Testing Line

COVID Testing Hits Record Numbers at Excelsior Springs Hospital

Over the past week, COVID-19 testing numbers have hit a new high here at Excelsior Springs Hospital. Chief Nursing Officer, Sarah Gonzalez, said that they are testing more than 400 patients per day, and today, (December 30) she expected the number to be close to 600 tests administered. According to Hospital CEO, Kristen DeHart, the State of Missouri has been very cooperative with the hospital by providing ample testing supplies. Other area hospitals have had to limit the number of tests being given or in some cases had to cease testing completely because of a lack of supplies. To put the testing numbers into perspective, the number of tests administered on Monday (December 27) exceeded the number of tests administered for the entire month of October. DeHart said, “2000 tests used to last for more than a month, now it only lasts a few days.” Both DeHart and Gonzales implored citizens to remain vigilant in their efforts to squelch the spread of the COVID-19 virus and its variants by wearing masks in public, washing hands regularly, and getting vaccinated or boosted. Hospital employees have gone above and beyond their normal duties, volunteering their time to assist in the testing efforts. “I remain incredibly proud of our team and all we’re doing here at Excelsior Springs Hospital,” DeHart concluded.

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