Council Recap: Utility Adjustments and Artistic Appreciation

Consideration of Amendment to Monthly Hangar Lease Rates – Resolution No. 1473
A proposal to amend the monthly lease rates for the outdoor hangar stalls at Excelsior Springs Airport was presented by City Manager Molly McGovern. The consideration was to increase the monthly lease rate from $75 to a new rate of $80. After a brief discussion, the council reached a consensus, and the amendment was unanimously approved. The revised monthly lease rate will be instituted starting November 1st, 2023.

Consideration of Agreement Renewal with DEP – Ordinance No. 23-09-03
The second item was the consideration of the renewal of an agreement with the Downtown Excelsior Partnership (DEP), under ordinance number 23-09-03. City Manager Molly McGovern provided insights into the ordinance, detailing the longstanding agreement between the city and DEP.

The essence of this agreement allows DEP to maintain space in the Hall of Waters to operate a visitor center. This initiative addresses the need to open the building during weekends and possibly some evenings to accommodate visitors wanting to explore the city’s offerings.

The partnership agreement was unanimously renewed for an additional five years.

Consideration of Utility Rate Adjustments – Ordinance No. 23-09-04
The third item on the agenda at the City Council meeting on September 18 was a consideration regarding utility rate adjustments, identified under Ordinance No. 23-09-04. Public Works Director Chad Birdsong addressed the council to provide insights into the proposed adjustments.

Mr. Birdsong explained the annual review process in which the city staff and the council partake, analyzing whether the existing water, sewer, and trash fees are adequate to cover operational expenses and maintain proper reserve balances for the subsequent year’s budget. He illuminated the proposal of modest increases in water and trash rates to accommodate annual inflation. The specifics were as follows:

  • The proposed water base rate is set to rise from $16 a month to $16.31.
  • Water usage fees are poised to elevate from $7.30 to $7.53 per thousand gallons.
  • The monthly trash charge is projected to increase from $24.40 to $25.
  • The additional cart fee will remain at $3. 

These proposed adjustments will take effect for city residents on January 1st, 2024, aligning with corresponding modifications for out-of-town and wholesale rates. Residents and stakeholders will receive the mandatory 90-day written notice about these modifications.

Birdsong mentioned that the agreement with the city’s trash provider includes an annual escalation charge of 3.5%, allowing for necessary annual adjustments. 

The ordinance was approved unanimously.

Consideration of Budget Approval for Fiscal Year 2024 – Ordinance No. 23-09-05
The fourth agenda item addressed during the September 18 City Council meeting revolved around considering the approval of the annual budget. This budget was subjected to meticulous scrutiny and deliberation over approximately four months, during which multiple meetings and discussions were conducted to evaluate and refine it.

Council members noted that this session was not the initial occasion on which the budget was presented; instead, it had been an ongoing discussion and review in segments over the preceding months. The council had engaged in extensive evaluations, ensuring every aspect of the budget was thoroughly examined.

The council approved adopting the budget for the period commencing October 1, 2023, and concluding September 30, 2024. It authorizes the expenditure of funds all for and on behalf of the city of Excelsior Springs, Missouri.

Download the full agenda and budget at the City’s Website.

August Revenue Report and Financials for Review
The fifth item on the September 18 City Council meeting agenda was a brief review of the city’s finances for August, presented by Vonda Floyd, the Finance Director. Ms. Floyd provided a quick but comprehensive overview, sharing the city’s financial transactions, allocations, and overall fiscal health for the specified month.

Proclamation Recognizing Robbie Farabee
The sixth item at the City Council meeting on September 18 was a heartfelt proclamation honoring local artist Robbie Farabee. On behalf of the City Council and the citizens of Excelsior Springs, Missouri, Mayor Mark Spohn expressed deep appreciation for Robbie, a young individual celebrated for his sidewalk chalk art.

The proclamation acknowledged Robbie’s outstanding artistry and the joy, color, and inspiration his creations have brought to the residents of Excelsior Springs, transforming the city’s sidewalks into canvases of delight and wonder. “The city cherishes its residents’ creativity, spirit, and contributions, and Robbie’s artistic endeavors have been a testament to the beauty and unity fostered through art,” said Spohn.

To acknowledge and celebrate Robbie’s contributions, Mayor Spohn proclaimed Wednesday, September 20, 2023, as “Robbie Farabee Sidewalk Chalk Art Day” in the City of Excelsior Springs and urged all citizens to recognize and appreciate Robbie Farabee’s artistic contributions to the community and to support the arts for the positive impact they have on our lives.

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  1. This in the same year the school district destroyed the Lewis gym tiger painted by a local artist which had inspired residents for nearly 50 years. While that was happening, the city was mum.

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