Community Unites to Support Wounded Officer’s Recovery Effort

Excelsior Springs Police Officer Andrew Stott is maintains good spirits as he recovers from gunshot wounds sustained in the line of duty (photo S Jason Cole).

On October 1st, 2022 Excelsior Springs Police Officer Andrew Stott claimed the dubious distinction of being the first-ever ESPD officer to be shot in the line of duty. While attempting to stop a driver for a suspected warrant violation, Officer Stott was shot twice, once in his left thumb and once in his right shoulder. The shot to his thumb completely shattered his lower thumb knuckle and the shot to his shoulder struck the brachial plexus, “a network of nerves that carries movement and sensory signals from the spinal cord to the arms and hands.”  News of the event sent a shockwave through the community of Excelsior Springs.

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Stott who had only been with ESPD for 10 months was also a newlywed, having been married for just one week when the shooting occurred. “I took those vows and then I really tested them out,” he joked. His wife Ashlynn had only been working her new job for a month and had to take considerable time off to help with Officer Stott’s rehabilitation. “Ashlynn has been phenomenal through this whole thing,” he said, “I’m really grateful I found her, grateful to God for putting her into my life.” 

Officer Stott and his newlywed wife, Ashlynn (submitted photo).

With three surgeries behind him, Officer Stott is on the road to recovery, making rapid improvement and he just got a big morale boost from his friends at the Excelsior Springs Fraternal Order of the Eagles #3917. The Eagles held a fundraiser on October 14th to help raise money for the young officer and his newlywed wife. “There were tons of people there, tons of support,” said Officer Stott.  On October 26th the Eagles invited Stott back to their clubhouse where they presented him with the generous donation raised from their members and the community of Excelsior Springs. “I can’t express how grateful I am to them for their support, it means so much,” he said. (If you’d like to make a contribution a GoFundMe campaign started by one of Ashlynn’s friends is still active).

Excelsior Springs Fraternal Order of the Eagles #3917 presented Officer Stott with the funds they raised in a small ceremony Wednesday, October 26, 2022 (photo Courtney Cole).

The trauma of an event like this takes both a mental and physical toll on the officers involved. Officer Thornton who was Stott’s backup and was forced to use lethal force to neutralize the suspect was able to return to ESPD earlier this week. Officer Stott said that in addition to his physical rehabilitation he also plans to undergo some high-stress situations to test his mental acuity before making rejoining his team. While the timetable for healing is uncertain, Officer Stott is determined to make a full comeback and return to ESPD. “I plan to go back, and a lot of the reason for that is because of all the support I’ve been shown,” he concluded.

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