City Council Recap February 5, 2024

353 Tax Abatements

Two properties at 519 S. Kansas City Avenue and 604 S. Kansas City Avenue were spotlighted for proposed improvements and potential benefits to the city’s historic districts.

519 S. Kansas City Avenue

The Council reviewed the Chapter 353 Tax Abatement application submitted by John and Jill Clark for their property in the Elms Historic District. This two-and-a-half story gable-front residence, constructed between 1909 and 1913, is slated for significant improvements. Despite losing some historic integrity due to past modifications, the Clarks plan to undertake a comprehensive restoration including a new roof, exterior paint, sidewalk improvements, and updates to electrical, plumbing, and interior aesthetics. Notably, the sidewalk repair initiative qualifies the project for an additional three years of tax abatement at 50%, underlining the city’s support for enhancements that benefit the public and preserve historic charm.

604 S. Kansas City Avenue

The second application, from Hometown Vibes, LLC, for 604 S. Kansas City Avenue, encompasses a broad range of improvements to revitalize this historic property. Planned works include a new roof for the house and detached garage, siding repair and replacement, exterior painting, sidewalk repair, and a thorough interior remodel covering paint, flooring, countertops, doors, and lighting. The project, with an estimated cost of $38,508.77, has been analyzed for its tax impact and qualifies for up to thirteen years of tax abatement or until the cost of improvements is met, whichever is sooner. This support underscores the city’s commitment to encouraging investment in and revitalization of historic properties, with a caveat that development rights, including tax abatements, will expire if the Excelsior Springs Redevelopment Corporation (ESRC) fails to secure ownership within two years from approval.

Community For All Ages Program Update

Laura Mize, Neighborhood Specialist, presented an update on Excelsior Springs’ progress in the Community for All Ages program, emphasizing the city’s achievements and future plans. Excelsior Springs has attained Silver Level recognition and is working towards Gold Level, highlighting its commitment to being age-friendly. Initiatives include technology assistance for seniors, the Aging Mastery Program, and transportation improvements. Additionally, community engagement efforts like the Silver Prom and addressing the downtown food desert are key components of their approach to support the well-being of older residents. Read more about Mrs. Mize’s presentation here.

Consideration of Container Purchase for Fire Department Training Facility

Fire Chief Joe Maddick requested authorization to purchase 11 Conex containers for $53,878, utilizing funds from Capital Improvements to construct a training facility behind the fire station. Both Capital Improvements and the Council previously approved the project. Read more about this project here.

Consideration of P&R F550 Truck Purchase

Nate Williams, Director of Parks, Recreation, & Community Center, requested City Council approval for the purchase of a new pickup with a dump bed, specifically a Ford F550, for $50,829 from Ed Morse Ford in Lebanon, MO. Williams said that despite the difficulty of meeting the 120-day delivery requirement due to market constraints, this purchase, already budgeted for 2024 and approved by the Parks & Recreation Board, is essential for operational efficiency. The final cost includes a trade-in of a 2012 model.

Consideration of Agreement with TranSystems Corporation for Professional Services

Chad Birdsong, Public Works Director, announced an agreement with TRANSYSTEMS Corporation for professional design services for the Safe Streets and Sidewalks RAISE Grant Design-Build Project. Following the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) approval on February 1st of the pre-award package submitted in November, the project can proceed with a budget of $3,070,982.

December 2023 Revenue Report and Financials for Review

Vonda Floyd, Finance Director, presented the December 2023 Revenue Report and Expenditures for council review, detailing appropriations and payroll for the month totaling $2,484,018.33, against revenues of $2,282,626.44.

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